Media Appearances

A partial list of Mike Rothschild’s media appearances in 2021

AP, QAnon post-inauguration:

New York Times, QAnon meme queen:

Slate, rise of new platforms:

CNN, Q and the GOP’s future:

Vice, reveal of Neon Revolt:

CNN, appearance on Kate Bolduan morning show:

Politico, Q and Trump after the inauguration:

Coda Story, British QAnon

NPR, QAnon migration to other social media sites:

New York Times, QAnon obsession with Hillary Clinton:

Times UK, QAnon and March 4th:

BBC World Service, The Inquiry:

Washington Post, QAnon impact on families:

Forbes, March 4th conspiracy:

Mehdi Hasan Show, Peacock network:

Politico, March 4th fizzle

Maintenance Phase podcast – The Wellness to QAnon pipeline:

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