Select Media Appearances, 2020-2023

Selected Video/TV Appearances

PBS NewsHour, on Trump embracing QAnon at his 2022 rallies:

CNN, appearance on Kate Bolduan morning show:

“I think it is about two and a half years too late. If the Q Shaman is busting into the U.S. Capitol and defacing the Senate’s desk, QAnon is already part of the fabric of the GOP. It is way too late.” @rothschildmd on GOP just now saying that QAnon is a problem for the party.

Originally tweeted by Kate Bolduan (@KateBolduan) on January 18, 2021.

Mehdi Hasan Show, Peacock network:

60 Minutes Australia – QAnon and Cults

CNN, Erin Burnett Out Front

Thom Hartmann Program

Politics and Prose, Live on C-SPAN

Selected Print Appearances/Interviews

New York Times: The QAnon Meme Queen

CNN: Q and the GOP’s future

Politico: March 4th fizzle

New York Times: QAnon Candidates Aren’t Thriving

NBC News: QAnon Fanatics are Rebranding their Secret War

Washington Post: QAnon’s Impact on Families

New York Times: QAnon Believers Are Obsessed with Hillary Clinton

NPR: QAnon migration to other social media sites

New Yorker: What Makes a Cult a Cult?

The Guardian: The Storm is Upon Us Review – an Indispensable QAnon History

New York Magazine: The ReAwaken America Tour is the Start of QAnon 2.0

Select Podcast/Radio Appearances

Armchaired and Dangerous podcast: QAnon

Maintenance Phase podcast- The Wellness to QAnon pipeline

BBC World Service, The Inquiry

Reply All #166: Country of Liars

Duncan Trussell Family Hour: Mike Rothschild

The Lincoln Project Podcast: QAnon with Mike Rothschild

QAnon Anonymous: QAnon is Dead with Mike Rothschild

Knowledge Fight #607: A Chat with Mike Rothschild

Knowledge Fight #788: Mike Rothschild Returns

WHYY Radio Times: How QAnon Became a Movement, Cult, and the Conspiracy Theory of Everything

How to Academy: The Rise of QAnon

QAnon Anonymous #229: The Devolution Theory Hits the Road

Testimony/Expert Witness Statements

Spoken Testimony to House Administration Committee on Election Misinformation

Written Testimony to January 6th Committee

Testimony to House Administration Committee on Election Misinformation

Coomer v. Donald Trump For President, Et Al


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