Mike has been a staff writer at ATTN: and Ranker, and was also a frequent contributor to the critical thinking site Skeptoid. Frequent topics have included conspiracy theories, politics, medical fads, pseudo-science, bad history, and fringe beliefs. His pieces have garnered tens of millions of views total, and thousands of social media shares.

You can order his book, “The World’s Worst Conspiracies,” or read some of his most popular stories, which include:

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  1. I just read your page on Adrenochrome, since I never heard of it before and was searching information from reliable sources. One thing we have in common is debunking conspiracy theories. I make conspiracy theorists angry all the time.
    But there is one thing we disagree about. That would be Qanon. Yes there have been several conspiracy theories posted to the boards, but they did not originate there. They have been several trolls who have tried to introduce really nut-ball stuff. There have been reporters, Including Maggie Haberman, who posted crazy comments then reported them just like the movement was all about that. She tried to self proclaim her own importance. It’s an anonymous movement. I will let you try to figure out the source which gives out the information for yourself.
    Now All I am asking is check it out for yourself before you go calling it a conspiracy theory. it isn’t. I will let you decide for yourself what it actually is after you check out the people posting YouTube videos about the Q board. The “X22 Report” is a good place to start and I also like “Truth and Art TV” but the most important thing is that you test everything you hear and decide for yourself. Happy Researching!

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