End of the Line For the Clinton Gravy Train

While the rest of us are fixated on the Greatest World Series of All Time, Fox News, right wing talk radio, and conservative social media are pushing two scandals in an all-out effort to destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidency.

If you’re objecting by pointing out that Hillary Clinton is not actually the president, let me open a wormhole to a world where it’s easier and more lucrative to pretend she is.

Hence, two concurrent Biggest Scandals Ever being laid at the feet of Hillary Clinton:

  1. As Secretary of State, she sold off America’s stock of precious uranium to the Russians in exchange for bribes (#UraniumOne)
  2. As a presidential candidate, she colluded with the Russians to produce the phony fake news Steele Dossier (#TrumpDossier)

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Why the JFK Files Release Will Not Prove Your Conspiracy Theory

10/26/17 Edit: On Thursday, the day the final Kennedy Assassination files were meant to be released, President Trump ordered 2,800 JFK records be made public. The rest are subject to a six month review. So we get to do this again in April.

Over the weekend, President Trump continued his practice of taking something that has nothing to do with him and making it entirely about him. In this case, it was the last of the classified files on the Kennedy assassination being released later this week after decades of being held secret.

While Trump is insinuating that he’s making some kind of out-of-the blue decision to blow the doors off the cover-up of the JFK assassination, in reality, it’s been in the works since 1992.

Naturally, people had questions. What’s in the JFK files? Why is the government releasing them now? Why were they kept secret for decades?

And then there’s maybe the most important question: will they prove that Kennedy was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy?

Anyone looking for the smoking gun that proves we’ve been lied to for 50+ years is likely to be severely disappointed by the new files. Because it’s almost certain they won’t change any of the fundamental facts about President Kennedy’s assassination.

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Was Melania Trump Replaced by a Decoy? Let’s Check the Evidence

Would anyone notice if Melania Trump was replaced with a double?

While President Donald Trump is something of an open book, Melania Trump is more enigmatic than any recent First Lady. She says little in public, makes few appearances, has no personal cause that we know of, has hired scant staff, and we know little about the relationship she has with Donald – and what we know isn’t good. We also have very little knowledge of how she wants to use her lofty status to make the U.S. a better place.

So when a conspiracy theory recently sprung up about Melania being “replaced” with a body double to stand next to Donald while he bloviates, it had at least a patina of plausibility to it.

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The Nullification Eagle Will Not Save Us

Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

Yeah, I know.

But no matter what you think of that fact, the fact remains that it is a fact. He was elected by a majority in the Electoral College, and his election was certified by Congress. He was sworn in, and in that moment, his arc as president fell under an umbrella of laws set down by the writers of the Constitution, and refined over the centuries.

There are five ways for a president to lose their status as president. They can:

  • be voted out of office in the ensuing election
  • resign
  • die in office
  • be impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate
  • be removed by the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet via the 25th Amendment

Donald Trump will be in office unless one of these things happens.

Or, maybe the Supreme Court will just nullify the whole thing as Trump is buried under a blizzard of indictments and arrest warrants.

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The Questions We Dare Not Ask

This week, a juicy and horrifying story from Vanity Fair portrayed President Trump as a man quickly and graphically spiraling out of alignment with reality.

The story described President Trump as isolating himself behind a wall of Fox News bullshit, consumed by darkness.  At one point, the piece describes a conversation Trump had with Steve Bannon, who described the risks of Trump being removed from office by a majority of the cabinet via the 25th Amendment. As one of the more troubling nuggets in the story claims,

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