The Day the Lights Went Out on Donald


On Tuesday, President Trump made a statement clarifying the remarks he gave in Helsinki, which, par for the course, only made the situation murkier and worse.

During a key moment in the remarks, something happened that, depending on your belief system, was either a sign that Trump is in total control of the situation, or just a random thing that happened.

At the moment Trump claimed (without evidence) that he has “full faith” in US intelligence agencies, the lights in the White House flickered and went out for about two seconds.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Adrenochrome

What could be more terrifying than being trafficked for sex? Being murdered in a ritual sacrifice. And even worse than that would be being murdered in a ritual sacrifice so wealthy elite cabalists can harvest your adrenal glands to get the compound they need to prolong their decrepit lives!

Whoa, indeed.

That’s the theory behind “adrenochrome,” one of those seemingly nonsensical concepts that’s all over the modern conspiracy theory movement, particularly #QAnon.

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First Scalia, Now Anthony Kennedy

Last week, I wrote about the political implications of SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, and essentially, how liberal apathy put us in the position of Donald Trump being able to jam Supreme Court Justices through a collaborationist Senate.

At the time, it seemed clear that was due to a combination of his age (he’s 81) and Trump convincing Kennedy he’d be able to get a nomination confirmed before the November midterm and the possible loss of the Senate to Democrats.

But what a difference a few days makes.

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Donald Trump Owns SCOTUS – And We Gave it To Him

I know it’s hard to think about a time before Donald Trump was president, but I’d like you to cast your mind’s eye back on 2014.

At that point, Donald Trump was a tv-show hosting buffoon who occasionally sent stupid tweets about Barack Obama being born in Kenya and killing everyone who knew.

In November of that year there was an election. I get it if you don’t remember, because only about 36% of eligible voters actually bothered voting. So you might not remember.

Democrats entered the election with 53 seats in the Senate. They left it with 44, losing 9 seats as part of the worst Congressional bloodbath in a century (Democrats also lost 13 House seats to go along with the 63 they lost in 2010.)

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Did the Deep State Try to Kill Katie Arrington?

Late on Friday night, South Carolina state representative and Donald Trump endorsee Katie Arrington was seriously injured while riding as a passenger in a car hit by a driver going the wrong way. The driver, 69-year-old Helen White, was killed.

A state legislator involved in a car accident normally isn’t the kind of thing that makes national news, but Arrington just won a tough primary against sitting House member Mark Sanford. In turn, Sanford had drawn the wrath of President Trump after Sanford dared to disparage Trump.

Unsurprisingly, a Trump-backed insurgent candidate nearly being killed in a random car accident drew the interest of conspiracy theorists, and in particular, the amateur slueths of the QAnon movement.

After all, if there are no coincidences, there probably are no accidents, either.

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