Why I Don’t Believe President Trump Will Fire Robert Mueller

Conventional wisdom is that we’re standing on the precipice of a Constitutional and moral crisis that will kick off when President Trump fires special council Robert Mueller and scuttles the former FBI director’s investigation.

There’s Salon asking whether Trump will fire Mueller. On the left, here are six disturbing signs from Think Progress that Trump is about to fire Mueller. And on the right, here’s National Review declaring it a foregone conclusion that Trump will fire Mueller.

In the absence of action from POTUS, his slavish acolytes in the conservative infotainment sphere have gone full broadside on Mueller, declaring him a partisan hack in charge of a biased deep state coup run by the Obama-Clinton machine. Apparently, Sean Hannity alone has called for Mueller’s firing or resignation nearly four dozen times since May.

And we know that when Sean Hannity speaks, Donald Trump listens.

But will he actually act? I’m not so sure. In fact, I’d be shocked if Trump went ahead and actually fired Mueller.

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The Slur Heard ‘Round the World

Yesterday, President Trump gave a speech where he announced that the US was going to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and eventually move our embassy to the divided ancient city from Tel Aviv.

This is an incredibly controversial and possibly ill-considered action that Trump didn’t seem to have a full understanding of. It also risks setting off a firestorm of protests and serving as a crushing blow to the Middle East peace process.

Trump did it anyway. And while he did it, he gave a speech that was almost as troubling in its delivery as it was in its content.

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A 1978 War Game Shows How We Weren’t Designed to Survive Trump

During October 1978, the US spent a month practicing World War III.

The military portion of the plan was given the jaunty codename “Nifty Nugget,” and when paired with a civilian plan called “Readiness Exercise 78,” represented the first ever computerized, nuclear age exercise to test the nation’s ability to mobilize for war in Europe, fight in the field, move equipment and troops, and absorb the damage and casualties that would occur when the conflict went nuclear.

It was a fiasco, and showed that if war broke out, we’d be utterly screwed.

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A Look at that “Interesting” Flow Chart from MagaPill

With conspiracy theory flow charts making their long-awaited comeback, it was only a matter of time before President Trump, who loves conspiracy theories significantly more than he loves charts, embraced them.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Trump’s insane tweeting took no rest, as the president did everything from attacking CNN International to declaring that he’s our favorite president.

But the tweet that got the most attention might have been one that retweeted a pro-Trump conspiracy site called MagaPill. The name is a combination of Trump’s signature catchphrase and a reference to the “red pill” that wakes people up out of the Matrix.

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A Conspiracy of Charts

Gawker didn’t do everything right, but when it really nailed something, that something really got nailed.

My favorite example was coining the term “chart brut” to describe the crude, mentally-impaired, MS Paint-made conspiracy pictures that popped up everywhere after the Boston Marathon bombing.

boston chart

You take a picture of something that “doesn’t add up” and add some red arrows, circles, and random bits of text to it, in order to draw our attention to…things. Toss in a few screen caps from Google and a Twitter handle, and the sheeple have been awoken.

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