Mike Rothschild is a journalist, researcher, and debunker of conspiracy theories and fringe beliefs.

As a staff writer at several media companies, he has written extensively about politics, history, pop culture, and weird stories your aunt shares on Facebook without actually reading.

You can watch his (currently on hiatus) collaboration with Growl Studios, the five-days-a-week YouTube series Daily Debunker. His first print book, “The World’s Worst Conspiracies” will be published in fall 2019 by Arcturus Publishing, London.

His work in debunking conspiracies – in particular the QAnon conspiracy – has been cited by the New York Times, Snopes, NBC NewsVice, Right Wing Watch, Christian Science MonitorPolitifact, The Week, Quartz, CrackedDaily Kos, Raw Story and Salon.

Mike is also a published playwright, podcaster, and working on several TV projects.

He lives in beautiful Altadena, California.




Enjoyment and Edification

If you want to support more work that debunks and demystifies conspiracy culture and politics, I’d love to have your support. I'm not actually a Rothschild, after all.




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