Roseanne Isn’t Saving Kids From Slavery

On Friday night, normie America stared mouth agape at its collective Twitter account, astonished at tweet (since deleted) that newly-reborn sitcom star Roseanne Barr posted.

roseanne qanon


Pimps all over the world? Trump breaking up trafficking rings everywhere? The hell?

Most people had no idea what the hell Barr was talking about, but anyone who’s spent time in the fetid swamp of online conspiracy theories knew exactly what she was talking about: the #QAnon theory that posits President Trump at the center of a plot to bust Satanic sex rings infesting the highest levels of the Democratic Party and Hollywood – with an insider called Q dropping secret knowledge of what’s to come.

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Alien Space Potatoes and Why Star Trek Matters

The sixth live-action iteration of Star Trek, called “Star Trek: Discovery,” debuts on CBS next month. And at the risk of outing myself as a nerd (wait, what?), I’m pretty excited about it.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had at least a little trepidation about it, as well, based on what’s been made publicly known about the show, its setting, and the story it’s telling.

Before I fall down a canon hole and write 1,200 words about why the “Discovery” Klingons look completely different, I want to talk about why Star Trek matters.

Because it does matter. Nothing that’s lasted this long, had this much money spent on it, and influenced so many people doesn’t matter.

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