Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting Conspiracy Theories

What’s the conspiracy chatter over the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting? Just the usual false flag, Satanic, second shooter, Leon Panetta nonsense.

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Payseur As You Go

The modern conspiracy theory movement revolves around a small cadre of ultra-powerful families controlling political, social, and economic events. Some of these families will be familiar to longtime conspiracy theory readers: the Rockefellers, the Kennedy’s, the Astors, George Soros, and of course, the Rothschilds (to whom I am not related.) But deeper down, in the […]

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“Motivated by Conspiracy Theories”

To state the obvious, pipe bomb maker Cesar Sayoc and Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers were violent, paranoid, hate-filled dwellers in the pervasive discourse of such people: conspiracy theories. The targets of their ire were different. Sayoc was a hardcore Trump acolyte who felt that oppositional Democrats were the scourge of America, while Bowers appears […]

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