Why Won’t the Media Ask Trump About QAnon?

QAnon is a lot of things. It’s a conspiracy theory, it’s a prosperity scam, it’s a fascist fantasy, and it’s a lucrative grift. It’s also a sociological experiment, a prank, and a cult. But at its heart, QAnon is a movement of grievances. Some of them are profound (or they would be, if they existed), and some of them are unbelievably petty.

Among the most petty of grievances that QAnon believers have is that the mainstream media refuses to ask President Trump about Q, and is actually working together to NOT ask him about Q.

Such a notion began with QAnon himself, of course. In Drop 1643, posted in late June 2018, responded to a piece on a fringe right wing media site by claiming that the mainstream media could “end this” by simply asking Trump directly about Q.

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