So Is the QAnon Book Actually Any Good?

It’s genuinely an accomplishment to get a book near the top of the Amazon #100 chart. It’s even more of an accomplishment to do it when you’re an author that nobody has ever heard of who had never written a book before. And it’s the giant golden star on top of an accomplishment cake to do it writing a book that has no real audience, written under a fake name by people also using fake names, and is barely a book.

But such is the way of things. And so “QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening” made international news when it skyrocketed up Amazon’s charts, fueled by a clutch of five star reviews and coverage on the TV news and web.

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North Korea Has the H-Bomb. Does it Matter?

The news that North Korea had apparently carried out its sixth nuclear test rattled a lot of people’s Labor Day weekend. Okay, it rattled MY Labor Day weekend.

What was even more unnerving is that the device they tested wasn’t the run-of-the-mill nuclear warhead that they’d popped off five times before, but a thermonuclear warhead, the dreaded hydrogen bomb that can level cities and kill six figures in seconds.

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Here’s What’s (Probably) Going to Happen with North Korea

August is hot. Humid, bedraggling, motivation-sapping hot. It’s so hot that Neil Diamond has a famous live album that’s literally called “Hot August Night.”

But what’s hotter than Neil Diamond busting out “I Am, I Said” for an amphitheater full of sweaty boomers?








A nuclear bomb going off over your head and turning you into atoms. That’s hot.

Obviously, the sabre-rattling between the U.S. and North Korea over Kim Jong Un’s nuclear ambitions has people nervous. Panicking, even. News broke last week that the Kim regime might be much closer to developing a nuclear warhead that can fit on a missile than anyone believed. He’s testing ICBM’s that could hit well into the U.S., and making grave threats about firing missiles at Guam and”mercilessly wiping out” his enemies.

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