QAnon is Not a “Non-Violent Research Movement”

One of the biggest reasons I write and talk about the QAnon movement is because of its potential to end in violence.

Despite all the lofty talk of “research” and patriotism and bringing “dark to light,” QAnon depends on extrajudicial incarceration, flagrant violation of the Constitution, and eventually, mass killing. It’s the very heart of what Q has been preaching.

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Was John McCain Executed for Treason?

John McCain’s memorial service saw Republicans and Democrats alike praise his candor and heroic service in the Vietnam War, while rebuking how Donald Trump’s brutish simple-mindedness has taken over the Republican Party.

Afterwards, Ohio governor John Kasich (himself an ardent Trump foe) appeared on CNN to talk about how the spirit of the memorial hasn’t carried over to the contentious Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings going on at the same time.

The media hit would have gone totally unnoticed except for a rather odd slip of the tongue by Kasich, where he clearly said that it had been 24 hours since John McCain was “put to death.”

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