Where Have You Gone, Melania Trump?

On May 7th, First Lady of the United States Melania Trump unveiled her long-awaited public initiative to combat bullying and promote child welfare, which she called “Be Best.” Three days later, on May 10th, FLOTUS accompanied President Trump to greet three hostages freed by North Korea.

On the 14th, she was hospitalized to have surgery for what was described as a “routine kidney procedure,” likely done to cut off blood flow to a benign tumor. While information about her recovery was shrouded in secrecy, it was revealed that she came home on the 19th.

As of today, May 29th, she has not been seen in public since that appearance on the 10th.

Update: as of June 1st, she still has not made a public appearance, and will not be going with POTUS to Camp David.

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Was Melania Trump Replaced by a Decoy? Let’s Check the Evidence

Would anyone notice if Melania Trump was replaced with a double?

While President Donald Trump is something of an open book, Melania Trump is more enigmatic than any recent First Lady. She says little in public, makes few appearances, has no personal cause that we know of, has hired scant staff, and we know little about the relationship she has with Donald – and what we know isn’t good. We also have very little knowledge of how she wants to use her lofty status to make the U.S. a better place.

So when a conspiracy theory recently sprung up about Melania being “replaced” with a body double to stand next to Donald while he bloviates, it had at least a patina of plausibility to it.

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The Imagineers who built the Disney empire knew that one wrong detail or lapse could ruin the whole experience.

So from the biggest ride to the interactions between cast members and guests to the average trash can, all Disney parks are designed and managed with the maxim “everything speaks” in mind. The tiniest detail wasn’t spared, and if something was wrong, it diminished everything.

When I saw Twitter light up with outrage over Melania Trump’s choice of wearing stiletto heels as she and the president walked to Air Force One on their way to tour Hurricane Harvey flood damage, that’s the expression that came to mind.

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