Who is Somerset Belenoff?

I’m often introduced to new topics in the fringe world by ways that people find my writing. So I was especially interested when a spike in searches for the name “Somerset Belenoff” brought increased traffic to my piece on the “Rothschild human hunting lodge” hoax. The name wasn’t familiar to me, so the search traffic couldn’t have been because of the content of the piece. Was it embedded in a tweet? A comment?

And most importantly, who is Somerset Belenoff, and why are people searching for him/her?

Well, the answer to the first question is easy. The search traffic comes from a comment on the piece, by “2CrayCray” that goes [sic] “Conspiracy is Truth: And how do we know you arent a plant or paid informant working for somerset belenoff or her stooges the Rothchilds? How will you expose this eveil i ask you? Of course you wont because you are working with THEM. you are probly also a reptellion lizard and a cannable.”

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