Q&A with QAnon

With little fanfare, on Wednesday night, anonymous conspiracy avatar Q announced “Q&A” and began answering questions from users on the image board 8Chan, where all of Q’s “drops” originate.

Immediately, there flowed a torrent of conspiracy questions, Pepe the Frog memes, racist tirades, and general paeans to Q’s greatness. So in that respect, it wasn’t much different than any other Wednesday night on 8chan.

I happened to catch the Q&A at the very beginning, and so got in on live-tweeting it, at least until I had other things to do. So, from that live-tweeting as well as after, here are my analysis of the questions, the answers – and what wasn’t said.

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Does it Actually Matter Who QAnon Is?

The subject of whether conspiracy theory avatar QAnon is actually a Trump administration insider, a naughty prankster, or something else has consumed the right wing infotainment sphere.

While liberals debate whether or not QAnon should be given oxygen (and I think we need to, if nothing else, to debunk it), conservative personalities are doing their best to simultaneously inflame and shoot down the whole thing.

On one side, you’ve got prominent conservative personalities who are absolutely sure Q is a live action roleplaying game that’s snared a massive amount of suckers. On the other side, you’ve got Q devotes who are utterly convinced that Q is real, and that the others are delusional.

They’re arguing a lot on Twitter and reddit, but it’s likely that where a conservative media personality falls regarding Q rests entirely on the makeup of their audience – more mainstream infotainters will be skeptical, while those on the fringes will shift their allegiance depending on what their followers want.

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