QAnon Is Setting His Followers Up For Massive Disappointment

Amazingly, the #QAnon conspiracy theory is continuing to grow in both followers and mainstream coverage.

In fact, as the conspiracy has gotten weirder, it’s also gotten more mainstream.

To be clear, the supposed Trump administration insider known as Q has revealed nothing in the way of classified information. In fact, he seems to be relying more and more on wild theories and empty promises, spinning fantastical (and unprovable) tales of missile launches against Air Force One, false flag forest fires, and secret, unredacted FISA memos that will utterly take down the dreaded deep state.

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More Blood Moon Crap

Friday, July 27th will bring a 103 minute long lunar eclipse, along with a blood moon – the full moon turning red as the earth blocks the light from the Sun.

Though it won’t be visible in North America, this will be the longest lunar eclipse of this century. It will also, by coincidence, be the closest Mars has passed to the Earth in 15 years, with the red planet popping ten times brighter than normal.

The confluence of an eclipse, a blood moon, and Mars passing close to Earth has brought the usual flood of prophecies, predictions, rumors of catastrophe, and “preachers” trying to cash in on blood moon hysteria with books and YouTube videos.

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Yes, I Defended James Gunn – You Should Too

On Friday morning, right wing fringe types and #QAnon believers on Twitter and Reddit started passing around old tweets from “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn. They had been dug up by professional conservative outrage pushers, and served as “proof” that Gunn was some kind of horrific child rapist, flaunting his proclivities to the world.

These tweets, some going as far back as 2009, were indeed jokes about pedophilia and sexual contact with children. They’re gross, puerile, offensive, and most of all, not funny.

Gunn had already apologized for making these comments, essentially calling them jokes that tried (and failed) to push the envelope of what’s acceptable in shock humor.

But to the online mob, not only were they brand new, they were”proof” that Gunn was an out and proud pedophile, rapist, sexual deviant, occultist, and child torturer.

Never mind that there was no actual evidence any of this was true. It was true to them.

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The Day the Lights Went Out on Donald


On Tuesday, President Trump made a statement clarifying the remarks he gave in Helsinki, which, par for the course, only made the situation murkier and worse.

During a key moment in the remarks, something happened that, depending on your belief system, was either a sign that Trump is in total control of the situation, or just a random thing that happened.

At the moment Trump claimed (without evidence) that he has “full faith” in US intelligence agencies, the lights in the White House flickered and went out for about two seconds.

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Adrenochrome: Everything You Want to Know

What could be more terrifying than being trafficked for sex? Being murdered in a ritual sacrifice. And even worse than that would be being murdered in a ritual sacrifice so wealthy elite cabalists can harvest your adrenal glands to get the compound they need to prolong their decrepit lives!

Whoa, indeed.

That’s the theory behind “adrenochrome,” one of those seemingly nonsensical concepts that’s all over the modern conspiracy theory movement, particularly #QAnon.

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