QAnon Is One of the Oldest Scams on the Internet

In my first piece as a contributor for Daily Dot, I explored the links between hot new right wing uber-conspiracy “The Storm” and old school internet prosperity scams.

While the “intel” drops of #QAnon and his or her anonymous comrades might seem cutting edge, in reality, there are a slew of old scams and plots based around similar themes – a supposed insider spewing torrents of tantalizing, fanciful “intel” about some great event just about to come.

NESARA was a set of monetary reforms proposed in the late 90’s by engineer Harvey Francis Barnard. He wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve, ban interest on loans, forgive all consumer debt, go back to the gold standard, and establish a national sales tax.

After years of trying to get Congress to pass NESARA, Barnard published it online in 2000, where it caught the eye of a Seattle-area New Age enthusiast named Shaini Goodwin.


Omega took advantage of the naivete of early internet adopters, and in particular, the growing ubiquity of Yahoo groups. By the mid-1990’s, it was a world-wide scam, with millions of dollars flooding into the small town where its creator lived, Mattoon, Illinois.

To read more about the line from Omega to NESARA to #QAnon, read my piece here.


16 thoughts on “QAnon Is One of the Oldest Scams on the Internet

  1. I followed the link to your article and read it. You make claims that Q is the same type of scam as the Nesera scam which is the same as the Iraqi currency scam. It is not. You are trying to blackwash Q and the information that people have gathered about the sick habits of the ruling class of the world. Q maybe doling out the information in code and the info does seem hard to make sense of, but it has also opened legions of people’s eyes and minds to the power structures that control a large part of the world. The maps linking the many corrupt businesses, secret societies, and foundations, are able to offer readers a clear look at the embedded evil that is everywhere. You didn’t address any of the info that is on the map. Rather than do a balanced reporting where you did some research on the connections and the claims that are shown on the maps, instead you start comparing the Q info with two scams that had to do with swindling people out of money. Q isnt doing anything like what the other two operations were doing. Q is leading people to topics that when researched brings people to a new understanding of the world we live in today. Nesera wanted money, Iraqi currency exchange wanted money. Q is showing the Q followers who is stealing the money.
    Be a real journalist and start reporting on the things that matter. Stop being a kiss ass and writing lame stories trying to discredit people seeking to make the world a better place for everyone.
    Your legacy is in your hands. Don’t be a coward. Shine a light on the Truth and never walk in the shadows again.

  2. I appreciate you reading the entire piece. But I made it clear that while there are differences between Q and the other scams, at their core, they’re all the same: bogus and fantastical intel drops pointing toward a great event that never comes. And people *are* making money off Q, selling merch and books.

    As for the content of the intel drops, they’re all predictions of events that haven’t taken place, or so vague and obtuse that they could be about anything. That’s how strip-mall psychics work: throw out a bunch of nonspecific predictions, then rejoice in your own brilliance when a few inevitable come to pass in some way.

    I did write a specific piece on the “map,” which you can read elsewhere on here.

    1. There is a lot of information on the internet about NESARA/GESARA. The latest info says the U.S. was the last country to adopt it, which Trump has done. And, it looks like it’s moving forward with an announcement about it soon. What do you think about it?

  3. Yeah, EO 13818 is a conspiracy theory, child trafficking is a conspiracy theory Trump’s a scam, the constitution….your an ‘economist’ an the world financially sound….stop blowing smoke up people’s ass, and get a real job.

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