No, Allison Mack Wasn’t Selling Children to the Rothschilds

Psst. Hey, you. Are you a conspiracy theorist? Do you believe that global elites and wealthy politicians are manipulating world events to advance an agenda of horrific crimes, including mass sex trafficking and false flag wars?

If you are, you probably have a blog, YouTube channel, Patreon page, or some other way to monetize your beliefs. And you probably know that an easy way to bring those sweet, sweet clicks in is to tie whatever conspiracy theory you’re pontificating about to one of several obscenely wealthy international figures: Hungarian philanthropist George Soros, or titans of global banking the Rothschild family (to whom I am not related.)

That’s almost certainly the explanation for a “news” item circulating right wing clogosphere sites and Facebook groups: an explosive “story” that reveals actress and recent sex cult arrestee Allison Mack “sold children” to the Rothschild family as part of her role in the Nxivm pyramid scheme.

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Tim Bergling and Trafficking – The Real Story

On April 20th, Swedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling (who performed under the name Avicii) was found dead in a hotel in Muscat, Oman. Bergling had been visiting friends in that city as part of a process of down-scaling his relentless touring and producing schedule, and of dealing with persistent health problems.

The death of anyone Bergling’s age (he was 28) of apparent natural causes is going to raise eyebrows, and for a few days, it wasn’t clear what happened – or if the causes were indeed natural. He’d been a heavy drinker, and as well as suffering from extreme pancreatitis. And yet…it seemed like there had to be something else.

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Why Kanye West is the Far Right’s Newest Hero

After taking a year off Twitter, rapper Kanye West returned to the social media site on April 13th. Like his previous use of Twitter, West’s musings were all over the map. Some were purely self-promotion, others teased new creative product, and there were some philosophical nuggets and random thoughts thrown in.

But West used his Twitter platform to continue one particular thread he was exploring a few years ago – one that could be either encouraging or disturbing, depending on your political point of view.

On Saturday, West tweeted his support for Candace Owens, notable for being one of the few black women in the media to openly support Donald Trump.

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Mrs. Bush – Or Ms. Crowley?

Like every event everywhere, the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush became an opportunity for conspiracy theorists to spout ludicrous accusations against a person they view as part of the “wealthy elite” controlling the world.

Mrs. Bush died on April 17th at the age of 92, of natural causes. There is nothing the least bit mysterious about her death, and there was little controversial about her life.

Yet there were members of conspiracy theory communities who immediately started the churn of salacious rumor that accompanies the daily grind of news.

Here’s a rundown of the most oft-mentioned Barbara Bush conspiracy theories, and whether they have any truth to them.

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Art Bell Made Our Lives Weirder and Better

Art Bell (speaking to caller on his “alien line” in 1995): How and why are you here?

Alien Caller From the Rigel System: It started as a cultural exchange to see what’s going on here.

Art Bell: And what have you learned?

Alien Caller From the Rigel System: You guys are in trouble.

On Friday, paranormal radio pioneer Art Bell took his final midnight ride across the Nevada Desert, passing away at the age of 71.

More than anyone in the last thirty years, Bell’s late night radio show Coast to Coast AM was America’s entry point to the weird. Bell talked about things on the fringes of regular society. UFO’s, global storms, Area 51, religious prophecies, conspiracy theories, strange happenings in small towns, unknown diseases, paranormal entities, cryptids, dreams, apocalypses, monsters, mysteries, and the uncharted possibilities of existence. That sort of thing.

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