Where Have You Gone, Melania Trump?

On May 7th, First Lady of the United States Melania Trump unveiled her long-awaited public initiative to combat bullying and promote child welfare, which she called “Be Best.” Three days later, on May 10th, FLOTUS accompanied President Trump to greet three hostages freed by North Korea.

On the 14th, she was hospitalized to have surgery for what was described as a “routine kidney procedure,” likely done to cut off blood flow to a benign tumor. While information about her recovery was shrouded in secrecy, it was revealed that she came home on the 19th.

As of today, May 29th, she has not been seen in public since that appearance on the 10th.

Update: as of June 1st, she still has not made a public appearance, and will not be going with POTUS to Camp David.

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Trump’s Typos: Sloppy Communication, or Secret Codes?

Edited 5/22/18

President Trump, in case you hadn’t noticed, has trouble spelling. He constantly misspells words on his Twitter account, and when he’s not doing that, he’s butchering the rules of grammar and word usage. Just this weekend, he misspelled his own wife’s name when announcing she was coming home from the hospital.

Most observers have written the constant sloppiness off to a president with no filter and no staff around him to vet tweets, a small and harried White House staff, and a general lack of attention to detail.

But what if the misspellings are actually more than that? What if they’re a secret code meant to convey information to a select group of woke patriots?

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Debunking Santa Fe High School Shooting Conspiracy Theories

Updated at 4:15 PST

As sure as the sun will come up and the tides will roll in and out, there will be a mass shooting somewhere in America.

Today, it was at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, a suburb of Galveston. As of this writing, 10 people are confirmed dead, including one teacher. Details are still coming in, but the a suspect is in custody, a male thought to be a student at the school.

As much as mass shootings are a sick reality of life in this country, so too are the instant conspiracy theories that spring up in the minutes and hours after the bullets stop flying.

Because these conspiracies and hoaxes have little substance to them, there’s usually not much there to debunk. But it is useful to at least shed some light on them – not for this particular shooting, but to train minds that are so fried by the constant onrush of news to filter out noise and accusations that have no legitimate reporting behind them.

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The Dead Doctors Conspiracy Theory

In a piece for Daily Dot, I got a chance to write about one of my favorite long-running conspiracy theories – the murder of dozens of holistic doctors in an effort to…

…well, I still have no idea.

But according to the theory’s proponents, nearly 90 healers, chiropractors, renegade cancer researchers, alternative medicine practitioners, and brave souls who have run afoul of Big Pharma and the government’s CDC to help vulnerable people have been killed in accidents, unsolved murders, or “heart attacks.”

One of the latest was Timothy Cunningham, a CDC researcher employed by the government to help study disease outbreaks in vulnerable people.


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Did Donald Trump Predict Eric Schneiderman’s Downfall?

On May 7th, the New Yorker reported an explosive story that saw four women accusing New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of sexual and physical abuse. Schneiderman resigned hours later.

A state AG being taken down by horrific deeds wouldn’t ordinarily make much noise, but Schneiderman has been a constant thorn in President Trump’s side, having filed civil and criminal cases against Trump, his administration, and a variety of his cronies.

Given how hard Schneiderman and his office have been gunning for Trump, it’s not surprising that there would be some antagonism between the two.

But it IS surprising that that antagonism seems to date back years – and played out in public on Twitter.

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