The Dead Doctors Conspiracy Theory

In a piece for Daily Dot, I got a chance to write about one of my favorite long-running conspiracy theories – the murder of dozens of holistic doctors in an effort to…

…well, I still have no idea.

But according to the theory’s proponents, nearly 90 healers, chiropractors, renegade cancer researchers, alternative medicine practitioners, and brave souls who have run afoul of Big Pharma and the government’s CDC to help vulnerable people have been killed in accidents, unsolved murders, or “heart attacks.”

One of the latest was Timothy Cunningham, a CDC researcher employed by the government to help study disease outbreaks in vulnerable people.


That’s why I have no idea. The conspiracy attempts to turn small tragedies into grander plots, connected people who have nothing to do with each other, or even holistic medicine, without any attempt to explain the connection.

As I write:

[T]he unfortunate death of Dr. Cunningham marks the 86th “healer” to die under mysterious circumstances. “Some […] were best-selling authors,” [list compiler Erin] Elizabeth writes, who were “regulars in the media and put celebrities into remission from cancer and illnesses.”

So was Cunningham a best-selling author or healer? No, he was a team lead with the Division of Population Health in the CDC, studying how diseases run through vulnerable populations. He’d been on the ground in the aftermath of several disease outbreaks, and was also something of an expert in disease tracking in the Black community.

He was not a holistic doctor or healer. He wasn’t even a practicing physician.

The most often cited reason for Cunningham’s “murder” was that he had blown the whistle on this year’s flu vaccine actually being responsible for the 2017-2018 flu epidemic. But even this isn’t true, coming from one of the worst fake news sites on the internet, and immediately debunked.

So if Cunningham had nothing to do with the flu shot, what motive was there for killing him?

To read the rest of the piece, go here: What is the dead doctors conspiracy theory?


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