Art Bell Made Our Lives Weirder and Better

Art Bell (speaking to caller on his “alien line” in 1995): How and why are you here?

Alien Caller From the Rigel System: It started as a cultural exchange to see what’s going on here.

Art Bell: And what have you learned?

Alien Caller From the Rigel System: You guys are in trouble.

On Friday, paranormal radio pioneer Art Bell took his final midnight ride across the Nevada Desert, passing away at the age of 71.

More than anyone in the last thirty years, Bell’s late night radio show Coast to Coast AM was America’s entry point to the weird. Bell talked about things on the fringes of regular society. UFO’s, global storms, Area 51, religious prophecies, conspiracy theories, strange happenings in small towns, unknown diseases, paranormal entities, cryptids, dreams, apocalypses, monsters, mysteries, and the uncharted possibilities of existence. That sort of thing.

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