No, Allison Mack Wasn’t Selling Children to the Rothschilds

Psst. Hey, you. Are you a conspiracy theorist? Do you believe that global elites and wealthy politicians are manipulating world events to advance an agenda of horrific crimes, including mass sex trafficking and false flag wars?

If you are, you probably have a blog, YouTube channel, Patreon page, or some other way to monetize your beliefs. And you probably know that an easy way to bring those sweet, sweet clicks in is to tie whatever conspiracy theory you’re pontificating about to one of several obscenely wealthy international figures: Hungarian philanthropist George Soros, or titans of global banking the Rothschild family (to whom I am not related.)

That’s almost certainly the explanation for a “news” item circulating right wing clogosphere sites and Facebook groups: an explosive “story” that reveals actress and recent sex cult arrestee Allison Mack “sold children” to the Rothschild family as part of her role in the Nxivm pyramid scheme.

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