The President Should Not Employ QAnon Believers

One of the side effects of electing Donald Trump as president is that there’s virtually no separation between Trump the president and Trump the businessman. He’s talked up his Florida club Mar-a-Lago as the “Winter White House,” routinely holds “meetings and calls” at his various properties, and probably would slap a gold TRUMP sign on the White House if he could get an RNC donor to pay for it.

The incessant mixing of business and politics has led to absurd horrors such as a Mar-a-Lago guest posing with the military aide responsible for carrying the “nuclear football,” Trump country club friends getting access to multi-billion dollar VA contracts, and most recently, the pastry chef at the Florida club having her personal beliefs splashed all over national news.

Why? Because she’s a believer in the fascist fantasy/prophecy cult/conspiracy theory QAnon, and promotes it all over social media, as well as in her job.

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