When The Metaphorical Snake Oil Becomes Real

What happens when a conspiracy theory suffers so many disconfirmations and failures that no reasonable person could still believe in its efficacy? Do its followers walk away? Do the gurus who have spent years monetizing it realize the error of their ways and renounce their work?

No, they believe harder and grift bigger. That’s why many of the biggest names in QAnon have turned from cranking out books and t-shirts to shilling for a supposed “miracle cure” called MMS. Hey, it literally stands for “miracle mineral solution,” so it must actually perform miracles, right?

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More Blood Moon Crap

Friday, July 27th will bring a 103 minute long lunar eclipse, along with a blood moon – the full moon turning red as the earth blocks the light from the Sun.

Though it won’t be visible in North America, this will be the longest lunar eclipse of this century. It will also, by coincidence, be the closest Mars has passed to the Earth in 15 years, with the red planet popping ten times brighter than normal.

The confluence of an eclipse, a blood moon, and Mars passing close to Earth has brought the usual flood of prophecies, predictions, rumors of catastrophe, and “preachers” trying to cash in on blood moon hysteria with books and YouTube videos.

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Adrenochrome: Everything You Want to Know

What could be more terrifying than being trafficked for sex? Being murdered in a ritual sacrifice. And even worse than that would be being murdered in a ritual sacrifice so wealthy elite cabalists can harvest your adrenal glands to get the compound they need to prolong their decrepit lives!

Whoa, indeed.

That’s the theory behind “adrenochrome,” one of those seemingly nonsensical concepts that’s all over the modern conspiracy theory movement, particularly #QAnon.

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The April 23rd Nibiru Rapture

If you’re thinking of doing anything productive with your life, you might want to hit the gas, since according to numerologist David Meade, April 23rd is going to be the day when the rogue solar system body known as Planet X (also called Nibiru by believers) appears in the sky above the Earth.

When that happens, life on Earth will be doomed by “huge volcanoes and volcanic eruptions due to [Nibiru’s] gravitational force,” Meade claimed in British tabloid The Express.

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The Flat Earth Movement Has Its Own Film Festival


The Flat Earth movement is a loose coalition of those who believe that the Earth is actually a disc,  and that depictions of the planet as a globe are fake. It’s a small cadre of internet dwellers, but it punches above its weight in terms of how vocal it is.

It boasts several extremely active Facebook groups, some heavily-watched YouTube videos, prominent celebrity believers, such as rapper B.O.B. and NBA star Kyrie Irving, and maybe the most important thing you need for success on the internet, countless woke memes.

And now, it’s having a film festival, exploring the idea that science has literally been lying to us THIS WHOLE TIME.

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