The #QAnon “Map” Examined

Like any good role playing game, one of the foundations of the #QAnon conspiracy theory is maps. Q and the others pretending to be Q love making references to maps, tossing out cryptic phrases like “news unlocks map” and “learn to read the map.”

The crux of #QAnon is that a vast secret parallel history of the world has unfolded over the centuries, with powerful families and religious interests shaping events around them to maximize profit, quell dissent, and increase their power over the witless sheep under them. It involves everyone, has its hooks in everything, and is everywhere.

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Debunking YouTube Shooting Conspiracy Theories

Here we go again.

On Tuesday afternoon, a female suspect entered the main campus of YouTube in San Bruno, CA, and opened fire.

Mass shootings bring heartache for their victims, and anger and confusion for those helplessly watching. Now, they also bring conspiracy theories meant to either politicize the incident, grift off those predisposed to believe conspiracy theories, or simply troll.

Here is a roundup of YouTube shooting conspiracy theories and hoaxes, and it will updated continuously.

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Roseanne Isn’t Saving Kids From Slavery

On Friday night, normie America stared mouth agape at its collective Twitter account, astonished at tweet (since deleted) that newly-reborn sitcom star Roseanne Barr posted.

roseanne qanon


Pimps all over the world? Trump breaking up trafficking rings everywhere? The hell?

Most people had no idea what the hell Barr was talking about, but anyone who’s spent time in the fetid swamp of online conspiracy theories knew exactly what she was talking about: the #QAnon theory that posits President Trump at the center of a plot to bust Satanic sex rings infesting the highest levels of the Democratic Party and Hollywood – with an insider called Q dropping secret knowledge of what’s to come.

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“David Hogg Wasn’t At School” – A Conspiracy Theory’s Genesis

Having survived the shooting of his classmates, Douglas High School student David Hogg has since been the subject of a firehose of conspiracy theories calling him an actor from Los Angeles, a stooge of his FBI-linked father, and a plant paid by George Soros.

Now comes a new accusation against Hogg: that he wasn’t even at school the day of the shooting, but instead rode his bike there afterwards, shooting footage and pretending like he’d survived the incident. Naturally, if Hogg didn’t actually survive the shooting, his activism would be a sham, and his instant celebrity would quickly fade.

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Debunking Austin Bombing Conspiracy Theories

This post has been updated

Early Wednesday morning, the brief reign of terror unleashed by the domestic terrorist mailing package bombs across Austin, TX, ended when the alleged bomber, 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt, was discovered, chased down by police, and with a SWAT team moving in, detonated an explosive device in his car.

And if you think an open-and-shut ending to a crime spree means there won’t be conspiracy theories about it…well, you haven’t read enough of my work.

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