Tender Age Kids Are Already a Mess – Now Add Toxic Stress

As of this writing, President Trump has signed an executive order putting an end to his own new policy of imprisoning asylum seekers at the US/Mexico border, and by extension, taking their children away to be housed by the state. Instead, families will be detained together, rather than apart.


The child separation policy is (was??) cruel, needless, and damaging. In keeping with everything else we’ve seen from the Trump administration, it’s also being run completely by the seat of its pants, with no apparent plan to reunite families whose kids have been taken away and put into one of the many internment camps that sprung up in the last month.

What will become of the children, toddlers, and infants already in government custody? Nobody seems to know.

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Did the “Walmart Internment Camps” of Jade Helm Come True?

It’s summer, 2018. America is in the grip of a debate over the Trump administration’s unilateral policy of separating the children of asylum-seeking families trying to get into the US. As of today, there are about 2,000 children being held in various internment facilities on the southern border – a number that could be as high as 30,000 by the end of August.

This is an issue being covered by a myriad of excellent writers, I’ll leave you to find their takes on it.

But there’s a connection to today’s child separation and a conspiracy theory from a few years ago that I do feel is worth exploring – the conspiracy that closed Walmarts are being turned into internment camps.

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Rothschild Central Banks

Writing about conspiracy theories and having the last name Rothschild is an interesting experience. Believers immediately disregard everything I say, usually with a snarky comment that “of course a Rothschild would say that!”

For the record, I have no relation to the European banking scions of the 18th Century. Even so, I feel compelled to debunk conspiracy theories about them, not only because they share my last name, but but because said conspiracy theories are virulent, anti-Semitic, and somehow get generations of people believing them.

A pernicious version of one of these has popped back up in conspiracy circles due to the events of the week, and it’s a claim that, despite having no evidence and not making any factual sense, is impossible to kill: that North Korea is one of a shifting number of countries without a “Rothschild-owned central bank.”

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The Real Tragedy in Tucson

“All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad. You’ve got to say, ‘I’m a human beinggoddammitMy life has value!'” – “Network”

Conspiracy theorists and patriot groups have spent the week occupying an abandoned cement plant outside Tucson, thinking that what’s actually a homeless encampment is a secret haven for child sex trafficking. According to them, the site is funded by George Soros and the Clintons, watched over by a member of the Rothschild family, and is nothing less than a hellhole of child rape, slavery, and murder.

First emerging earlier this week, case has coincided with the return of anonymous conspiracy avatar QAnon, creating a feedback loop of accusations and plots.

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Debunking the Tucson Trafficking Camp Conspiracy Theory

Updated 6/6

Last week, two things happened that were almost genetically engineered to send the QAnon movement, which was veering toward general conspiracy crankitude, back to their mission of bringing the pain against the sex traffickers of the Clinton Deep State.

The first was Q’s return after a 12 day absence, with a single post that was short on information and long on mystery.

The second was the apparent discovery of an abandoned concrete bunker outside Tucson, AZ, that a veterans advocacy group claims was being used as a hub for child sex trafficking.

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