The FBI Secret Society is Real – And I’ve Got The Notes From Their Annual Meeting

These notes were smuggled out of last year’s Annual Meeting of the FBI Secret Society, a shadowy organization acknowledged by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok and confirmed by an informant to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, as told to Fox News.

Many Bothans died to acquire these notes. Please ensure they make it into the right hands.


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What Is “The Memo?” And Why Are Russian Bots Demanding to Release It?

If you’ve spent time on Twitter in the last 24 hours (and if you haven’t, congratulations), you’ve likely seen an odd hashtag blowing up political and Trump-supporter feeds: #ReleaseTheMemo.

Like virtually everything related to the Republican role in investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, it’s a mix of bad faith, conspiracy theorizing, memes, blaming the Clintons and Obama, and Russian bots. So many Russian bots.

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Mr. President, Please Get Your Flu Shot!

President Trump had his annual physical last Friday, and the results were revealed earlier this week. While it wasn’t quite the “healthiest man ever to exist in the universe” fiasco of the election, it gave rise to an instant conspiracy theory.

The “girther” movement saw the declaration that Trump was 6’3 and 239 pounds, and promptly decided it was a lie, based on a bunch of other people who are about 6’3 and 239 and don’t look a damn thing like Donald Trump.

Chatter about President Trump’s weight was deemed to be everything from an expected outgrowth of Trump tendency to lie about pretty much everything, to “hypocritical and ignorant” fat shaming.

While the “girth certificate” debate raged, I was disturbed by an actual omission in the president’s medical exam: we don’t know if he got his flu shot.

In fact, he almost certainly didn’t.

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The Hawaii False Alarm Was a False Flag, Because Obviously

This weekend, the good people of Hawaii had their long weekend interrupted by a message on their phones telling them they were about to die.

The false alarm sent by the state’s Emergency Management Agency warning of an incoming ballistic missile has been written about extensively, with articles covering everything from how it happened to an exact timeline of where President Trump was during the 38 minutes it took to send a follow message (spoiler: he was golfing.)

Of course, if you’re woke, you know all of those things are lies.

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When Impeachment and Re-Election Collide


Democrats are riding a wave of anti-Trump outrage into the 2018 midterms, while Republicans find new ways to describe their discomfort at President Trump’s long, public breakdown.

Beyond that, historical precedent already puts the party in the White House behind the 8-ball. The House has changed parties four times since World War II: 1954, 1994, 2006, and 2010. All four were midterm elections where the president’s party lost control.

If that trend holds, Democrats will re-take the House, probably by a wide margin. And if that happens, it’s a safe bet that impeachment will follow. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if the first thing a newly Democratic House does is take a vote to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin an impeachment investigation, especially if Special Council Robert Mueller’s final report recommends it.

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