No, Hillary Clinton Did Not Kill Her Brother. Just Stop.

On Saturday morning, Hillary Clinton announced via Twitter that her brother, 65-year-old Tony Rodham, had died on Friday night. Details were scant, and no cause of death was announced, but it was clear from her tweet that Secretary Clinton was heartbroken over the loss of her younger sibling.

In a surprising show of maturity and consideration, far right conservatives laid off Mrs. Clinton, paying respects to her and her family, and giving them the space to grieve this shocking loss.

Nah, I’m kidding, they pretty much all said she did it. No, really.

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A Conspiracy of Charts

Gawker didn’t do everything right, but when it really nailed something, that something really got nailed.

My favorite example was coining the term “chart brut” to describe the crude, mentally-impaired, MS Paint-made conspiracy pictures that popped up everywhere after the Boston Marathon bombing.

boston chart

You take a picture of something that “doesn’t add up” and add some red arrows, circles, and random bits of text to it, in order to draw our attention to…things. Toss in a few screen caps from Google and a Twitter handle, and the sheeple have been awoken.

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