No, Hillary Clinton Did Not Kill Her Brother. Just Stop.

On Saturday morning, Hillary Clinton announced via Twitter that her brother, 65-year-old Tony Rodham, had died on Friday night. Details were scant, and no cause of death was announced, but it was clear from her tweet that Secretary Clinton was heartbroken over the loss of her younger sibling.

In a surprising show of maturity and consideration, far right conservatives laid off Mrs. Clinton, paying respects to her and her family, and giving them the space to grieve this shocking loss.

Nah, I’m kidding, they pretty much all said she did it. No, really.

A few more high-profile Republicans managed to not show their ass, but it’s early. The insanity is endless, with a growing roll of tweeters accusing Rodham of “knowing too much” (about what?) and being knocked off to protect the Clintons (from whom?) Alternately, some QAnon followers accuse Rodham of disappearing into some kind of anti-Clinton witness protection universe because he was about to blow the whistle on…things.

The death is almost always presented as yet another notch on the endless “Clinton Body Count” list, joining hundreds of other people unfortunate enough to have died while having some gossamer connection to the former First Family (though some of the names have never actually been confirmed to exist), and is also being rolled into a burgeoning conspiracy theory regarding the death of several other semi-public figures, including former Arkansas state senator Linda Collins Smith, and former Oklahoma state rep Jonathan Nichols.

And all the while, none of the believers question whether even Hillary Clinton would be evil and craven enough to kill her own sibling. Because if you’re going to kill some people, you might as well kill some more people, right?

The Clinton conspiracy machine has been so effective in painting Bill and Hillary and power-obsessed monsters who will kill anyone who gets in their way (and even people who have nothing to do with them) that the idea of Hillary Clinton actually having her brother murdered was able to instantly find fertile ground in the far right, because Clinton derangement is the very foundation of far right media and politics.

Why do you think the Fox News and right wing radio worlds still obsess about ephemera like Whitewater or Uranium One? It’s because you keep fans happy by playing the hits, and the Clintons are a number one single for conspiracy theorists.

So far, the “Hillary killed her brother” conspiracy is only just starting to bubble up. All of these things start in the dregs of Trumpist social media, spread around by anonymous Twitter, Reddit, and 8chan users without any corroborating evidence, but with plenty of dank memes to share. But pretty soon it’ll work its way upward, to bigger Twitter accounts, then to popular but still fringe media personalities. After a bit of time, someone on Fox News will pick it up, declaring that they “aren’t saying she did it,” but maybe it’s something we should be “asking questions” about, because we all know she’s capable of doing anything, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Then Trump will tweet about it. And the mainstream media, who usually ignores things like anonymous conspiracy theorists claiming Hillary Clinton killed her brother (and for good reason!), will instantly be aghast that anyone could believe that Hillary Clinton could have killed her brother.

It sounds shocking to people whose humanity is still intact. Because the vast majority of mentally healthy people don’t look an a surprise death and immediately think “hey, did her sister do this?”

But this is already standard stuff on the far right. Powered by a cult-like devotion to media gurus, conspiracy theorists have already pinned the deaths of former president George HW Bush and John McCain on accepting execution rather than having treasonous crimes aired publicly. Never mind that both these people were old and quite sick already. In the war between the white hats and the cabal, nothing happens without an elaborate series of moves and countermoves, all telegraphed through social media and symbols.

When your baselines are “anyone in power who dies is actually executed” and “Hillary Clinton is a mass murderer” it’s only natural that her brother’s death would combine them both. She’ll kill anyone for any reason, right? So why not her brother?

Except there’s no evidence she’s ever killed anyone. The “Clinton Body Count” lists have been debunked time and time again, exposed as specious documents full of unconnected people who died in ways that have long been cleared up. Many of the names have no connection at all to the Clintons, and a few likely don’t even exist. There’s also the matter of the people who have done the most damage to the Clintons (Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, etc.) still alive and kicking – with a “body count” list full of minor hoods, low-level White House staff, military officers who flew in a helicopter Bill Clinton set foot in once, and other people whose death benefited them in no way.

Hillary Clinton did not kill her brother. I don’t care that no cause of death has been announced, I’m just going to go ahead and say it. She didn’t kill her brother, because there’s no proof that she’s ever killed anyone, and no matter how much you dislike her, you can’t turn something that’s not true into something that is. People don’t have murders committed then tweet about it in a code that can be cracked in minutes. That’s not how anything works.

Slam her economic policies. Slam her tenure as Secretary of State. Slam her presidential campaign’s arrogance and lack of focus on ways to help struggling Americans.

But stop with this crap. You’re all embarrassing yourselves and anyone who still loves you.

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