When The Metaphorical Snake Oil Becomes Real

What happens when a conspiracy theory suffers so many disconfirmations and failures that no reasonable person could still believe in its efficacy? Do its followers walk away? Do the gurus who have spent years monetizing it realize the error of their ways and renounce their work?

No, they believe harder and grift bigger. That’s why many of the biggest names in QAnon have turned from cranking out books and t-shirts to shilling for a supposed “miracle cure” called MMS. Hey, it literally stands for “miracle mineral solution,” so it must actually perform miracles, right?

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CherAnon: How QAnon Believers Co-Opted a Leftist Icon For About a Day

One word. That’s all it took for the QAnon movement, desperate for something massive to break through the endless cycle of hope and disappointment, to latch on to entertainment icon and *flaming* liberal Cher as their latest and greatest hope.

And given the word, it’s no wonder.

In the classic (ie, before the internet) sense, the word “anon” simply means “soon” or “shortly.” But in the internet shitposting sense, it means anyone who wants to keep their identity anonymous. QAnon followers are often called “anons” and before Q came on the scene, there was a host of other “secret government insiders” dishing out “inside info” going by code names like “FBI Anon” and “WH Insider Anon.”

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Mel Gibson and the Rothschilds – What Could Go Wrong?

Like almost every American male celebrity who saw their star crash thanks to a combination of substance abuse, racial abuse, and physical abuse; Mel Gibson is making a comeback, baby!

Gibson spent about a decade in the Hollywood penalty box after his 2006 drunken tirade at an LA Sheriff’s Department deputy who had the temerity to pull him over for drunk driving. Already seen as something of a paleo-conservative whose gory mythologizing of the Crucifixion got him labeled as an anti-Semite, Gibson immolated his career by slurring at the arresting officer “Fucking Jews… the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?”

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Can President-For-Life Trump Actually Happen?

The mainstream media and liberal pundits have written an entire library of stories and tweet threads speculating on what happens if Donald Trump loses the 2020 election but doesn’t give up power willingly, or if he declares himself president for life and dares the cowards and boot-lickers in Congress to do something about it.

He’ll either refuse to concede, whip up a popular insurrection, sabotage the electoral college, or simply barricade himself in the Oval Office and order a ring of steel set up to protect him.

And it’s not just the media. Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen told Congress that he’s concerned Trump wouldn’t take part in a peaceful transition of power should he lose. And no less than Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi revealed that she’s concerned that if Trump doesn’t lose by a big enough margin in 2020, he won’t give up power.

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