CherAnon: How QAnon Believers Co-Opted a Leftist Icon For About a Day

One word. That’s all it took for the QAnon movement, desperate for something massive to break through the endless cycle of hope and disappointment, to latch on to entertainment icon and *flaming* liberal Cher as their latest and greatest hope.

And given the word, it’s no wonder.

In the classic (ie, before the internet) sense, the word “anon” simply means “soon” or “shortly.” But in the internet shitposting sense, it means anyone who wants to keep their identity anonymous. QAnon followers are often called “anons” and before Q came on the scene, there was a host of other “secret government insiders” dishing out “inside info” going by code names like “FBI Anon” and “WH Insider Anon.”

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