How to Save QAnon In Three Easy Steps

In the small miracles category, word broke over the weekend that the current owner of 8chan has no plans to try to restore the anarchic image board.

Someone else is likely to find somewhere else to start some board that’s even worse than 8chan, yes. But for now, the internet is a slightly less terrible place.

Another positive side effect to the crash of 8chan? No more QAnon! Ordinarily, a simple deplatforming wouldn’t stop an ascending cult like QAnon, right? I mean, if you’re going to carry out a secret plan to save the world’s children from Hillary Clinton, don’t you just find somewhere else to spread your message, rather than allow your movement to die?

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Is #QAnon a Cult?

Earlier this week, I tweeted a few screen caps of #QAnon believers announcing that they had foregone sleep, housework, and family responsibilities in order to research the fusillade of “breadcrumbs” that Q had left in the past few days.

I added a sarcastic comment that the movement isn’t a cult – because not feeding yourself or sleeping in order to read internet posts seems pretty culty to me.

I was deluged with responses by Q believers mocking me for calling it a cult, when Q apparently encourages members to think for themselves, asks for no money or adulation, and has no coercive mechanism by which to make members stay.

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