How to Save QAnon In Three Easy Steps

In the small miracles category, word broke over the weekend that the current owner of 8chan has no plans to try to restore the anarchic image board.

Someone else is likely to find somewhere else to start some board that’s even worse than 8chan, yes. But for now, the internet is a slightly less terrible place.

Another positive side effect to the crash of 8chan? No more QAnon! Ordinarily, a simple deplatforming wouldn’t stop an ascending cult like QAnon, right? I mean, if you’re going to carry out a secret plan to save the world’s children from Hillary Clinton, don’t you just find somewhere else to spread your message, rather than allow your movement to die?

As with everything QAnon, it’s not that simple. Because QAnon themselves was so concerned about impersonation that they mandated Q posts (AKA “comms”) would only come from the verified Q on 8chan, never anyone else or on any other board.

Given that 8chan is apparently dead, and posts can only come from 8chan, that doesn’t bode well for the future of the conspiracy theory.

But Q has also been clear that they will lie to their flock in order to advance the story they’ve created. This notion that “disinformation is necessary” is an incredibly useful trick that allows Q to make up anything they want, and write off the failures to “disinfo” used as a weapon against the deep state.

So when “no outside comms” meets “disinformation is necessary,” what do you get? Some outside comms, baby.

There are three incredibly easy and obvious steps the Q guru community could take to get their gravy train back on track. Because those t-shirts and acrylic blocks won’t sell themselves.

  1. Get all the Q gurus together. InTheMatrixxx, StormIsUponUs, Jordan Sather, QAnon76, Praying Medic, RunningtheRace, Cordicon, Martin Geddes, the Edge of Wonder guys, Lisa Mei Crowley, Liz Crokin, all of them. Find some secure slack or two cans on a string and go to that place where We Go All.
  2. Have everyone agree that one of them will register a new Twitter account where official Q posts will come from. Why Twitter, with all its censorship and the what not? The fact is there’s nowhere else to go. Reddit kicked them off, Voat appears to be dead, Gab is too full of Nazis, and Instagram works best for pictures, not text. Given the exceeding likelihood that one of the people listed in in item #1 either posts as Q, it will be easy to get the tone and style of the posts right.
  3. Have all the above-listed gurus agree that this is the real Q. Claim you have some special proof that nobody is allowed to see lest it fall into the cabal’s hands, that they’ve gotten personal assurance from the Q team, and that “no outside comms” was just disinfo.

With the backing of the gurus, the average True Q believer will believe that the new account is Q. Maybe it even will be. A few people won’t accept it, but most will, especially if the most Trusted Names in QAnon are involved.

And if they were really smart, they’d use the new account to steer QAnon away from the really gruesome and bizarre numerology stuff. Stick to the “citizen research movement” stuff, and Q’s “mathematically impossible” proofs. You’ll get new followers by the bag, and defang much of the criticism around the movement.

Plus, every time that account gets banned, just toss out a new one with the blessing of the gurus. It would be harder to do the long 8chan threads of analysis on Twitter, but it’s not like there aren’t other places to do that. And Twitter is no stranger to long “research” threads on Q.

That’s the easiest way to save QAnon. Break your own rules, and get everyone else important on board with it, and pick up where you left off.

It’s so obvious that even I, one who thinks QAnon is a huge scam, came up with it. You’re welcome!


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