How Big is the #QAnon Movement?

How many people believe in QAnon? That’s a good question, and one that is basically impossible to answer.

To start with, activity in QAnon tends to ebb and flow, with Q going silent for a while, followed by dozens of posts and furious analysis by acolytes – only for Q to go silent again.

(Hint, I talk about this a lot on my YouTube channel, which you should subscribe to.)

Believers likely think it’s because Q is gathering the intel he drops on his following. Skeptics might say it’s because Q only posts when something happens that he can use to retroactively prove his own existence.

They also argue among themselves endlessly over whether or not “something big is happening” and what the plan is.

I did a Twitter thread on this that got picked up by some big news sites, and got a truly insane Neon Revolt article written about me, as well. So RIP my mentions.

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149 Coincidences? No, Just One Debunked Conspiracy Theory

During my usual check of fetid fever swamp QAnon subreddit r/thegreatawakening (I read it so you don’t have to), I stumbled upon this meme related to John Podesta’s hacked emails and pedophilia:

It seems like a waste of time to debunk a dumb meme, but it’s the hottest post on r/greatawakening right now, and likely will get more traction in the QAnon movement.

It’s also a good example of how to manipulate words and numbers to make them tell whatever story you need them to tell, as well as of the logical fallacy known as “proof by verbosity” – hoping that dozens or hundreds of dubious examples will outweigh their individual dubiousness.

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