How Big is the #QAnon Movement?

How many people believe in QAnon? That’s a good question, and one that is basically impossible to answer.

To start with, activity in QAnon tends to ebb and flow, with Q going silent for a while, followed by dozens of posts and furious analysis by acolytes – only for Q to go silent again.

(Hint, I talk about this a lot on my YouTube channel, which you should subscribe to.)

Believers likely think it’s because Q is gathering the intel he drops on his following. Skeptics might say it’s because Q only posts when something happens that he can use to retroactively prove his own existence.

They also argue among themselves endlessly over whether or not “something big is happening” and what the plan is.

I did a Twitter thread on this that got picked up by some big news sites, and got a truly insane Neon Revolt article written about me, as well. So RIP my mentions.

Thing seemed to have calmed down a bit, and believers are even finding moments of levity and triumph in the wake of Q’s absence.

One of them was this post on Voat, about the size of the QAnon movement – which appears to be huge:

q big

This implies that every month, 6.5 million people go to, the biggest clearinghouse of Q posts, analysis, lists, and other Q-related stuff.

If that’s true, then the Q movement is truly massive, with literally millions of people hanging on Q’s every word, ready to march into meme battle at a moment’s notice.

So is it true? Are there really more Q followers than there are people in Missouri?

As with everything Q related, it’s hard to tell. But it’s pretty easy to tell that “6.5 million monthly visitors” does not equate to that many followers.

Let me say up front that 6.5 million monthly visitors is a lot. It’s way more than I get here at my humble site or YouTube channel, which you should subscribe to.

But that’s not exactly what’s happening here.

Let’s first briefly discuss what the difference between is a page view and a page visit is. According to,

A page view is a visit to a page on your website. If the visitor reloads a page, this counts as an additional page view.  If the user navigates to a different page and then returns to the original page, this will count as another page view. A visit is defined as a sequence of consecutive page views without a 30-minute break. A visit always contains one or more page views.

The graphic on the Voat post shows visits – not visitors. So those 6.5 million visits could have been from a far smaller group of people going to the Qpub site again and again and browsing its many different pages – which seems likely during periods where Q is posting a lot.

Also, the graphic in the post shows visits over six months TOTAL – not monthly. Again, an average of a million visits per month is a lot. But it’s not 6.5 million.

Beyond that, the majority of the growth stems from the period of July to September – as QAnon was having its big moment in the sun after the late August Trump rally that hit the media.


It leveled off considerably since then, and QMap currently has about 100k people online looking at it – likely a combination of true believers and web crawler bots. Most people likely went once, spent little time on the site and moved on – which you can see from the site having less than 2 pages per visit.

So if QAnon doesn’t have 6.5 million believers, how many does it have?

Trying to tell how many people use 8chan’s QAnon forum is impossible because it’s totally anonymous. But there are a few clues we can work from.

But before it got shut down, the major QAnon thread on Reddit, r/greatawakening, had about 70,000 subscribers. Its subsequent version, the Q-endorsed Voat thread QRV, has 14,000.

Not only that, but the vast majority, or about 11,000, subscribed in the first few minutes after r/greatawakening was shut down. How do I know? As the anons say, check the sauce.


On the other hand, maybe the leading QAnon decoder on YouTube, a guy who calls himself Praying Medic, has 196,000 subscribers on his YouTube page.

And Voat is not a site that attracts casual believers, due to the unrelenting racism and antisemitism of its content.

So where does the truth lie? I have no idea, and I can’t pretend I do.

But the answer is likely somewhere between Praying Medic’s 196,000 followers, the 100,000 or so people on QMap at any time and the 14,000 subscribers on QRV.

The QAnon movement is a small core of hardcore believers, with a large population of fence-sitters that drift in and out based on media coverage of Q.

Now, dislodging that hardcore group from their mistaken beliefs is a totally different subject, and something I’m currently working on (check out my YouTube channel!!)

But at least we can agree that it’s a low number, and not in the millions.

Thank the maker.


7 thoughts on “How Big is the #QAnon Movement?

  1. I think you broke the record of how many times one can plug one’s own youtube channel in one article, great stuff. For reals though, recently discovered you and your blog after a several hour long research spree trying to figure out what the hell Qanon even was after my sixty year old dad started spouting insane conspiracy theories at every available opportunity, with Qanon being my only lead. Reading these posts have been equally informative and entertaining, keep it up!

  2. Mike, Hi.
    I joined Twitter just to reply to you and my account got blocked right after my very first tweet to you! And I didn’t write anything bad. OK what I was saying: really, was: just go through the data. There are SO many Trump/Qanon co-incidences/co-utterances along these lines, however wacky some of them are, that it is clear they are playing off each other. Your job is to address this FACT. Stop the denial. You’re a smart guy. We are in uncharted territory. Q is either an independent phenomenon that Trump is exploiting, or Q is in team Trump, or Trump himself. Any of these possibilities is a dream for a journalist. The alternative: to continue the attempt to pretend this is just some dark insane corner of the Internet (Q has never said a right wing thing, he stresses unity), will put you in the same place as every other journalist when the Trump-Q connection (whatever it is) is resolved, which it will logically have to be. Millions of people go to Q because they find out more about what is happening than from the MSM. Surely you can see that. Do YOU believe the CNN parrots? The 4am Talking Points repeated on every channel? Please address the situation. Don’t be a parrot.

    1. It’s not a “FACT” that Trump and QAnon are connected. Trump tweets enough at the same time every day that if you tweet around then too, you have a decent chance of hitting at the same time. And why are simultaneously posted tweets proof of anything, anyway? There is no way Trump posts as Q on 8chan, because he’s computer illiterate. Beyond that, nothing Q has claimed necessitates a link to Trump or military intelligence. Most of it is rhetorical nonsense and riddles that anyone with even a hint of critical thinking skills can see through.

  3. Mike, Hi.

    “It is clear they are playing off each other” is what I labelled as fact. There is no doubt about this. Your job, as I said, is to address this. Regardless of one’s views, it is a remarkable political development.

    Restricting proofs to timings, you are cherry-picking. You’re a professional debunker right? Here’s a challenge for you. Back up your claims by going through every one of the Q proofs, and debunking them ALL. I can help you: start by googling “Q proofs”. I could write more on this but I would be interfering with your work: you’re the Q debunker.

    “There is no way Trump posts as Q on 8chan, because he’s computer illiterate” – I’m sorry but this is one of the worst arguments I have ever heard. You are saying that someone who uses twitter and has White House support staff cannot access 8chan? Anyway, Q=Trump is is only one of the possibilities I mentioned and not the most likely.

    Maybe I am wrong: maybe your job is not to debunk Q but to call something rhetorical nonsense without addressing it, and insult the critical skills of people who pay attention to Q instead of the MSM’s stream of BS that gave us WMD lies, Iraq War, Syria disasters, Libya debacle, Steele dossier, PeeGate, 99% Hillary victory probability etc etc; and has collaborated numerous documented times with the intelligence agencies and the DNC, much of which Q has been revealing and which will likely be the news for April 2019. There, I gave you heads-up.

  4. Mike, you lost me with your analogy about Q. I’m a critical thinker and I follow Q now. Why? Can’t believe anything the bias MSM spews out anymore. I can’t call myself a democrat anymore, the party is a joke full of themselves. I’m voting for TRUMP 2020 because I can’t swallow my do nothing party anymore.

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