Of Course a Rothschild Would Say That

One of the the things that drew me to writing about conspiracy theories in the first place is having the last name of a family involved in some of the most prominent ones in recent history.

The Rothschild banking family has been accused of everything from funding both sides of pretty much every war of the last several hundred years to crashing world economies at will to controlling the weather to secretly being the ancestors of Adolf Hitler.

I am not related to this family. I know of no connection in my family to anyone in the prominent Rothschild clan, nor has any connection ever been presented to me.

And yet, virtually everything I write about or film related to  debunking conspiracy theories gets rebutted with “of course a Rothschild would say that.”

I get it on Twitter:


I get it on this blog:


And I get it on my YouTube channel, which you should definitely subscribe to:


Rebutting these comments is tiresome and pointless, so I usually don’t do it.

For one thing, they’re lazy. They rely on centuries-old antisemitic tropes that are just hack and boring and unimaginative. And if I spent all my time replying to them, I’d never have time to actually write new stuff.

But I thought I’d take a few moments to once and for all (or at least as final as anything gets when dealing with people who have no real ability to listen) debunk the notion that I’m part of the Rothschild family. It won’t sway anyone, but at least I’ll have something to cut and paste when the crazies swarm.

  1. I have no relation to the Rothschild banking family.
  2. Many people have the last name Rothschild and aren’t related to the banking family. I’m far from the only one.
  3. If I was related to the Rothschild banking family, I would take advantage of it in a way that would increase my wealth, and not simply cause me low-paid irritation. I’d likely work in, you know, finance or banking. The things the Rothschild banking family is known for.
  4. If I were a member of the family AND also a professional conspiracy debunker, my work would have a far greater reach. I’d use my family riches to build my own media network and put myself on every TV and screen in America, not fight tooth and nail for subscribers.
  5. If I were a member of the family AND I had the capability to build my own media network, I would still likely see little point in it. Conspiracy theorists believe the Rothschild family has as much as 500 trillion dollars in cash, investments, and property (an absurd amount with no relation to reality). If my family had that kind of money, I’d see no need to defend it. Rothschilds are said to be charter members of the cabal that rules the world – does that sound like a family that also goes toe-to-toe with trolls on Twitter?

Essentially, if I were a Rothschild, I’d be so rich that I’d never need to deal with the conspiracy theorists who hassle me.

How do I know? Because you never see ACTUAL Rothschild family members debunking conspiracies about themselves or arguing with idiots on YouTube.

Why should they? They know it’s all nonsense, and they have the ability to use their money to make sweeping positive changes in society.

The branches of the Rothschild family have a deep tradition of philanthropy, giving massive amounts of money to everything from medical research to art preservation to ecological conservation.

Can the same be said of the trolls that mock them (and me) decade to decade? Have they given anything to anyone? Have they made anyone’s life better?

Here’s a challenge: if you’ve accused me of being a Rothschild and made it to the end of this post, do something good for someone else. Make the world slightly less awful.

And stop trolling Jewish people online. You’re probably not that good at it.


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  1. Hi Mike. Love your work, hope you keep it up. I’m just working my way through the rats nest that is QAnon etc….. Didn’t know the lunatics were so active!!!!

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