George H.W. Bush Death Conspiracy Theories

The death of former president George H.W. Bush on Friday marked the first passing of a POTUS in the social media age.

It also marked the first death of a president in the age of the instant internet conspiracy – a place where the secret misdeeds of the powerful aren’t whispered about in free pamphlets and public access TV shows, but by millions of people with instant access to each others’ lamebrained opinions.

Despite being 94, having lost his wife Barbara in April, and being in ill health for some time, Bush’s death instantly sparked a raft of conspiracy theories and suppositions about what “really” happened.

Was he taken out by the deep state? Executed by the non-violent patriots of QAnon? Was his funeral timed to distract from earth-shaking congressional testimony?

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the biggest conspiracy theories to hit the media in the first few days after 41’s passing. Be warned: this is a place where logic fears to tread, and right thinking people bail out quickly.

Bush Was Found Guilty By a Military Tribunal, and Executed or Allowed to Commit Suicide – Just Like John McCain

In the minutes after Bush’s death hit the news, QAnon believers started spamming out multiple theories as to what “really” happened to the former president.

The two theories that emerged were that Bush was either executed by patriots loyal to the Q team, as punishment for unspecified crimes, or that he was allowed to take his own life with dignity.

Basically, despite being really old and sick, there’s “no way” Bush could have suddenly died. Something else must have happened to explain this totally unforeseeable event. And it must have been linked to QAnon, because, hey, everything is linked to QAnon.

bush voat

QAnon himself jumped in with a cryptic post tying Bush’s death to John McCain’s supposed “execution” (which did not happen) through a hopelessly insular reference to dogs.

Why dogs? Because “every dog has its day” was a phrase Q dropped as “proof” McCain was executed.

q bush

Of course, there’s no compelling evidence at all that McCain was executed, or that Bush didn’t die of natural causes – like any 94 year old man in poor health can at any time. But in a world where there are “no coincidences” and everything that happens is part of some gigantic plan, there’s no room for a powerful person dying of natural causes. They MUST have been taken out or suicided or something nefarious.

Never mind that there’s no proof and that it makes no sense.

James Comey Knew Bush Died Weeks Ago – And Sent a Coded Tweet Signaling As Much

Q’s post links to a Q acolyte’s twitter post that “predicted” Bush’s death on the 26th, using a tweet from James Comey as “proof.”

The tweet? A eulogy for a Comey family dog who died at an unknown age that Comey describes as “very old.”

That’s it. The poster made a follow up claim that predicting Bush’s death “wasn’t hard because once you realize [they] [sic] do NOT use Twitter for trivial chitchat but instead to telegraph moves to their secret society friends, you can try squint between the lines.”

Other than the reference to an “old dog,” there’s not a shred of connection between Comey’s tweet and Bush’s death. And there’s no conceivable reason why a cabal planning to to eliminate a former president would bother telegraphing it over Twitter.

Also, how does this fit into the idea that it was actually the Q team that executed Bush? How could he be killed by both?

Finally, James Comey mentioned his loyal rescue dog Benji in an April interview with the New York Times.

comey dog

So for this to be true, Comey would have had to murder his own dog to signal to his fellow cabal members about Bush’s death.

This is just one of numerous accusations, all presented without evidence, that cabal elites “knew” Bush was about to die or already had died, and kept it secret.

Bush Was Taken to GITMO For Execution – And We Have Proof

One of the most important parts of the QAnon conspiracy theory is that once arrested, powerful members of the cabal will be taken to Guantanamo Bay for detention/execution.

On that score, a popular Q believer twitter account got over 1,500 retweets with a tweet claiming that a “high value target” was deposited at Gitmo on the 29th – a day before Bush’s death was announced.

In reality, Guantanamo Bay is a major US military base, and there are any number of reasons an aircraft would be landing there – even one moving high-level personnel. In fact, here’s an article from the Army’s own website in 2010 that mentions how Priority Air Transport was used to “move a group of lawyers and other DoD staff to Guantanamo Bay for military trials” in 2009.

There’s no indication that this flight has anything to do with “prisoner arrival” in general, or Bush in particular.

The Official Day of Mourning Was Timed To Distract From John Huber’s Testimony

President Trump quickly announced that a national day of mourning would take place to honor Bush on Wednesday, December 5th.

If you’ve been following QAnon for a while (my apologies) then you know December 5th is the latest in the endless series of Big Days that Q has promised will blow the doors of the cabal and bring down the evil doers.

Why December 5th?

It’s the day that the House Judiciary, in a final spasm of partisan bullshit before Democrats take control of their branch of Congress, will hear testimony from US Attorney John Huber, appointed by shitcanned Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the heretofore impossible to find misdeeds of the Clinton Foundation.

Q has made over a dozen references to Huber, positioning him as the latest Great Red Hope to bring down the deep state, after past disappointments such as the DOJ Inspector General’s report, the Awan investigation, and others all failed.

It’s not clear if Congress will be in session that day, but even if it’s not, there’s nothing particularly difficult about simply bumping Huber’s testimony a day or two. Unless the deep state knocks him off as well, of course.

Bush’s Death is an Excuse to Close the Stock Market in Anticipation of Something Big

Could Trump’s timing of the day of mourning be related to something else, like a looming economic collapse or dismantling of the Federal Reserve?

Why else would Trump order the stock market closed on the 5th?

The Stock Market is closing for Bush because it’s closed for the death of every recent president. It closed for Gerald Ford’s death in January 2007, for Ronald Reagan in 2004, and for Richard Nixon in 1994. It also closed for Lyndon Johnson in 1973, Harry Truman in 1972, Dwight Eisenhower in 1969, and after JFK’s assassination in 1963.

I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone. But none of these are more compelling or likely than the simple fact that Bush was 94, had lost has wife of seven decades, and was in declining health.

People die. Sometimes even powerful people. And no cabal is needed.