The Great Disappointments


In any other time, a president openly wondering if someone in his administration was committing the most heinous crime a person can commit against their own country would be earth-shattering news, leading to hearings and controversy for months.

But in the time when Donald Trump is president, such a statement is no more or less worrisome than anything else the president has said in the last weeks or months.

Welcome to life in These United States. Treason? It must be Wednesday.

But to the conspiracy theorists blindly marching under the banner of #QAnon, the president’s “TREASON?” tweet was something else: a sign that “the storm,” the massive purge of deep state Democrats and Hollywood pedophiles that Q has been forecasting for a year, was about to begin.

And Q-believers were having every part of it.


The poster behind the QAnon person managed to stoke this fire even more by posting a drop linking to the Trump tweet, signed “Q+” – which is supposedly the handle Q uses when it’s Donald Trump himself posting.

Not only that, but long ago, back when Q was in the business of making extremely specific predictions about coming events, rather than tossing out vague platitudes, Q claimed that Trump would announce “the Storm” beginning through his Twitter account.

q storm

Of course, in the real world, Trump is so computer-phobic that he doesn’t even use his own email account, much less run a complicated and secret account on a fairly obscure message board.

No such tweet was ever sent, and “the Storm” hasn’t happened, despite endless proclamations that it was close, happening soon or next week or whatever. It didn’t happen today, either – the day after the “TREASON?” tweet so no mass arrests, no unsealing of indictments, nothing.

But these little details never both QAnon believers.

Because QAnon believers are used to great disappointments. Q has spent nearly a year pretending that “the Storm” was about to break, always using some political event as the inciting incident, and moving on when it failed to materialze.

First, there was the elaborate series of events that Q predicted for early November, a sequence that would include the secret arrests of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, massive riots, the National Guard being called up, the Emergency Alert System being activated, and an attempted coup against the president.

Q 1

When none of this happened, Q claimed these events were meant to be a distraction from something else, and the cabal called it off when Q blew it open in public.

Yeah, okay.

Moving on as each Great Awakening turns into a Great Disappointment is Q’s bread and butter.

After the collapse of his November predictions, Q pushed his chips in on the infamous Devin Nunes memo related to supposed abuses of the FISA court system. Q made six different posts about “the memo” in late January and early February, insinuating that it would “demonstrate collusion at [the] highest levels” of the Obama administration.

Instead, the memo finally dropped on February 3rd, and promptly fizzled, to much derision. No arrests, no purge of Obama deep state holdovers, nothing.

And Q? He never mentioned it again.

Then came the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report, which Q mentioned no less than 10 times leading up to its release in June, claiming it would blow open James Comey’s corruption, reveal a huge coverup into Barack Obama’s citizenship, and bring us the full picture on the Clinton Foundation’s trafficking of children.

It dropped in mid-June, and while it did confirm previous reporting about the Comey saga and revealed the ludicrous farrago of FBI agent’s Peter Strzok’s text messages to an FBI attorney, it gave us nothing about Obama’s citizenship or the Clinton’s trafficking children.

And what did Q do? Claimed that the report that was released was merely the “modified, redacted” report, and that Trump himself had the real report – which he will be declassifying at some future point.

q igreport

Time and time again Q will make something out to be a huge, earth-shaking event, then make an excuse and move on when it doesn’t happen.

Q spent months hyping up the DOJ’s potential prosecution of Congressional IT staffer Imran Awan, mentioning him 12 times as part of some vague conspiracy theory related to Pakistani intelligence, Osama Bin Laden, and the Clinton Foundation.

Well, Awan reached a plea deal with the DOJ on July 3rd, pleading guilty to making a false statement on a loan application, and specifically being cleared of anything to do with espionage or hacking. And Q has mentioned him only once since then. Oops.

Even now, Q is pushing the holy grail of “declassification,” mentioning it in multiple recent posts and inferring (though, as always, never actually declaring) that Trump will use tonight’s campaign rally/rant to release the fabled “20 pages” of the FISA warrant used to listen in on Carter Page.

When that doesn’t happen, Q and his followers will simply move on, all making a tacit agreement not to dwell on this latest Great Disappointment.

Because what good is a prophecy if you admit it’s never going to come true?




11 thoughts on “The Great Disappointments

  1. I thought your blog would be insightful.
    I was wrong.
    The stench of your bias is drowning out the sewage smell of the media.
    You are entitled to your opinion, but you are as dogmatic about q being a conspiracy as the vatican is in denial about their pedo priests. and reality just doesn’t add up to your claim.

    perhaps it is you who is “blindly marching under the banner” of ignorance and holding hands with denial.

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