“The Memo” is a Prosperity Scam on Steroids

If you took Monday to sleep off a nasty flu bug, you could be forgiven for waking up Tuesday thinking you were either in a Central American banana republic or the Terran Empire of the Star Trek mirror universe.

In just one day, we learned that the Trump administration pushed out the number two man at the FBI, that Trump wouldn’t be implementing the Russia sanctions that passed Congress by a vote of 518-5, and that the House Intelligence committee voted to release the infamous Devin Nunes memo, the four page tome that’s supposedly going to blow the doors off the Obama/Hillary/FBI Deep State surveillance of Trump, and send all the evildoers to Gitmo.


Oh, and they also voted to block the release of a Democratic-written counter memo that calls the Nunes memo a load of bullshit.

All Hail the Emperor, indeed.

Naturally, the internet has some opinions. Liberals and never-Trump conservatives worried this was a slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre, with Trump and his cronies  settling accounts and getting ready to fire Robert Mueller and plunge us into darkness.

But to the conspiracy cult of personality that’s grown around Trump, these events were the unleashing of a Great Awakening that’s going to incinerate all of the Donald’s enemies, and bring us into a new light of truth, glory, and prosperity, praise his Orange Name. The Fox News infotainment crew and its acolytes in the utterly batshit crazy #Qanon conspiracy theory spent the night crapping themselves with glee.

Seriously, check this out.




And on and on and on.

You don’t usually see this much glee outside of people who either just watched their team win the World Series, had their first baby, or won an Oscar.

But you do see it in the world of prosperity scams.

Also known as “prime bank scams,” these promise a massive reward for a tiny investment, using fraudulent “intel” to make the marks think the reward was always just around the corner, and there was precious little time to pump more money in.

One such scam, called Omega Trust, promised victims that they could buy “prime European bank notes” for just $100, which would then “roll over” to be worth millions. That scam’s originator died in prison for fraud.

That scam begat NESARA, said to be a massive reorganization of the US economic and political system that would make everyone equally wealthy through the release of “prosperity packets.” NESARA more or less died out when its biggest guru, also under investigation by the FBI, died in her mother’s trailer.

After NESARA, came the Iraqi dinar scam, where insider “gurus” teamed with bankers to sell millions of dollars in worthless Iraqi currency under the promise that “the powers that be” would sign an order to “revalue” it to the dollar – and make its holders rich. That scam is still going, even though  many of the bankers and gurus are in prison.

To keep the marks on the hook, the intel gurus keep shoveling out bits of secret knowledge, making the believers think the Big Event is just around the corner. Years went by where NESARA’s prosperity packets were days away from release, only to be delayed by some evil agent. The dinar revalue was about to happen (or even already happening in Iraq) for the better part of a decade, even when ISIS took over large swaths of the country. Even today, January 30, the intel is still flowing. According to “dinar chronicles,” we’re in the home stretch!

1. The new currency rates were on bank screens today.

2. Our sources still maintained that the RV would happen during the month ofJan. 2018. It is supposed to RV on Jan. 30 or 31 according to a document Iraq signed. It could still come out today, but I think Wed. or Thurs. was more likely.

3. Bankers in Iraq maintained that the RV Release has always been 30-31 of Jan. 2018.

4. Iraqi people on the street are seeing an in-country Dinar rate of 1:1.

We said the rate was $4.87 on Friday, and our guy said the rate would go back down.

A fabulous, earth-shattering reward that is just around the corner, and needs your help to push it the last yard? Sounds like the Devin Nunes memo to me.

Like the worthless “prime notes” or dinars, the Nunes memo likely has little actual value. It’s a four page distillation of classified material, much of which Nunes hasn’t even read. Nunes is keeping the memo away from DOJ investigators, intelligence higher-ups, even fellow Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee. In fact, it’s likely that the memo is nothing more than Devin Nunes’ uninformed ramblings about the surveillance law FISA – a law that he himself voted to reauthorize a few weeks ago.

The memo will be seen as a transparent PR stunt by a compromised Republican to protect both himself and the president to whom he’s shown an almost fetishistic loyalty. Without the underlying classified material backing it up, we’ll never know if it’s correct or not (unless Nunes decides to leak that, too) so it will simply be one more shot fired in the endless partisan wars over the Russia investigation.


It will not make Bob Mueller recuse himself, it will not put Obama and Hillary in chains on a flight to Gitmo, it won’t clear the way for Trump to be president for life. Those opposed to it will debunk it, those in support will double down. For all the hype, it will do little.

Like the prosperity scam, the riches promised by the memo will almost certainly never come. But that won’t stop the gurus from exploiting the believers, and the whole cycle will probably start over again with some new conservative bugaboo.

All Hail the Emperor.




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