Was QAnon Right About Jeffrey Epstein?

The sex trafficking arrest of billionaire hedge fund manager and convicted/registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was not especially surprising for anyone who knows even the slightest thing about the island-owning, Trump-gladhanding perv. The accusations that Epstein has been involved in a trove of sexual misconduct, assault, rape, and trafficking have been run down by outstanding journalists and now backed up by the legal work of the Southern District of New York. It’s not a shock.

Also not surprising: the outpouring of gloating from QAnon acolytes and believers crowing that their “military intelligence” avatar was proven correct in his/her/their promises that Epstein would be revealed as a Satanic sex pervert in bed with the Clintons and some of the worst criminals in the world. After all, Q is wrong so often that it seems like something to celebrate when Q is right. And celebrate, they did:

So was QAnon right about Epstein eventually being brought to justice for horrible crimes?

To answer this question, it’s important to remember that QAnon no longer makes “predictions” about concrete events happening on certain days. The early days of the conspiracy were marked by some very exact predictions about the Clintons being arrested and Trump declaring a national emergency. But when those all failed, Q became more of a “research movement,” throwing out rhetorical questions and unproven accusations with an eye toward directing the reader to connect it all together themselves.

One of the central topics of Q’s “research” is the pedophilia the Q movement believes infests every aspect of politics, business, culture, and academia (well, only the liberal aspects.)  Central to that narrative is Jeffrey Epstein, likely because he is, in fact, a registered sex offender who served 13 months in prison for soliciting sex from an underage girl. But he’s also got a lot of powerful friends, including both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

So what information revealed or connected by QAnon helped bring Epstein down? What has Q said about Epstein? As it turns out, not much, actually.

Epstein is only directly mentioned in nine Q drops, not counting ones that only mention his associates or friends. And what’s in those drops? Again, not much – mostly the same rhetorical questions and riddles Q shotguns in every post. Here’s what they say, in order (note: this doesn’t include Q’s most recent Epstein content, posted as I was writing this, and which are merely reposts of older drops):

#133: What is a cult? Epstein island. What is a temple?

#999: Why is Epstein spending $29mm to bury the tunnels underneath is temple on Epstein Island? Problem. Phones were allowed in.

#1055: [referring to socialite and photographer Rachel Chandler] Epstein’s plane. Who is she? Follow friends. Friends lead to others.


#3050: [after a link to the flight manifests to Epstein’s Little St. James Island] This is not just about sex trafficking [1]. Will the rich & powerful influence the court to prevent the unsealing?

#3131: [following a link to a Politico story about a lawsuit against Epstein and a picture of Bill Clinton and others in the ocean]: Drop #3050 [Will the rich & powerful influence the court to prevent the unsealing?] Follow the ATTORNEY. Who took the pic? Who was located behind the camera?

#3133: [following a link to the last Epstein post and some speculation about the Clinton photo]: What does a ‘handler’ procure? Is the ‘handler’ [one of many] connected to Epstein?

#3140: Epstein island dungeon (beneath the temple). Sex & torture rooms. Openly flaunt across social media? Untouchable?

#3183: [after a link to a story about the death of a judge on one of Epstein’s lawsuits] Do you believe in coincidences?

That’s it. Almost all of these posts are rhetorical questions, many of which repeat the same charges over and over. There’s no “research” here, only prompts for others to do the work Q doesn’t do anymore.

And what about the topics presented? Well, the “Epstein temple” that conspiracy theorists constantly claim is the site of the “Satanic rituals” has never been proven to be anything other than a building with a gold dome. There’s no compelling evidence of dungeons, secret tunnels, rituals or torture either, despite all of the horrible depravity we know Epstein engaged in. The $29 million to bury the tunnels? I can’t find any record of it. Maybe it’s all hidden somewhere in the documents sure to be unsealed in the coming weeks or months as Epstein goes through the legal system. But so far, nothing.

Also, the picture of Bill Clinton “partying with Robert Mueller’s star witness,” sex offender George Nader, shows Clinton with a different man named George Nader, a fact that the right wing blogs who breathlessly tried to connect the two failed to note. And the Rachel Chandler that Q spent dozens of posts attacking has never been proven to have any link to Epstein, and the photo of her with Bill Clinton that Q linked to was taken in 2006 on billionaire Ron Burkle’s plane (not Epstein’s plane, as Q claims) during a competition to buy the Tribune Company. It’s got no connection to Epstein.

Finally, the judge in question in the Epstein case was 96 years old – a fact included in the second paragraph of the story Q linked.

So that’s it. Just riddles and rhetorical questions. These aren’t predictions, they certainly aren’t revealing hidden information. Many of them aren’t even factually accurate.

Much, much more is likely to be revealed by Epstein’s court case – including possible links to some of the most powerful people on Earth. There’s also probably going to be some more horrid behavior by Epstein that we don’t know about yet. What will likely not be revealed, however, is some hidden link that QAnon got to first.

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  1. Grant Stern is peddling fake news. The “rumors” are that Epstein had over 20 phone numbers and email addresses to contact Bill Clinton in his little black book.
    If you’re going to debunk the Q movement, you should link posts that are accurate. Otherwise, this is just a hit piece.

  2. Why not include images from the entrances beneath the temple?

    Here is some high res footage of the island, which will show the fucking underground entrances. Nice clownshoes u fucking shill-bot

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