Hey, What Happened to All Those People Hillary Killed?

Remember when Hillary Clinton killed all those people? Not that time, or that other time. The most recent time she killed all those people. You know, two former state senators in Arkansas and Oklahoma, both found shot dead one day apart. And her brother. And a bunch of NYPD officers. And a bunch of other people. Yeah, that time.

What happened to all that? After a brief burst of activity on conspiracy theory social media, the murders all seemed to disappear from the news. Which seems like an unlikely thing to happen to a string of murders committed by one of the most well-known political figures in the world.

Unless, of course, they weren’t connected and had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton at all. But that can’t be, right? So why is nobody talking about these deaths anymore? There’s a really good reason, of course. The conspiracy theory community thrives on connecting things that aren’t connected, and casting suspicion on things that have reasonable explanations. And once those explanations come out, and falsify the conspiracy theories, the community moves on to the next thing, safe in the knowledge that its members will either forget all about it, or not acknowledge the explanations.

In case you’d forgotten, it all began with the death of two former state representatives, Linda Collins-Smith of Arkansas on June 4 and Jonathan Nichols of Oklahoma the next day. Both were found dead in their homes of a single gunshot wound. Naturally, both were instantly connected to the Clintons: Collins-Smith through her apparent advocacy for tracking down money stolen by the Clinton Foundation and funneled into child trafficking; and Nichols through…something.


In case two politicians dying the same way one day apart wasn’t “interesting” enough, you had the suicides of four NYPD officers within a few weeks, including two high-ranking officials. Supposedly, they all had some connection to the Clintons or to Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the contents of which were supposedly so horrific and vile that they drove the hardest men in the police force to tears and spontaneous vomit.

The deaths have continued to pile up, as deaths do when you examine a large enough cohort (all people) over a long of time (the entire lifetime of the Clintons.) Just a few days ago, the world was stunned as former California rep William Dannemeyer, one of the first figures to popularize the infamous “Clinton Body Count” list, was himself found dead. Interesting, right?

So did Bill and Hill actually kill all these people, just like all those other people they killed and will eventually kill?


Mysterious deaths are mysterious because they’re not supposed to happen. People don’t usually get murdered or shot, so when they do, it’s suspicious. Most of the time, the people who investigate these things do indeed investigate these things and find the actual reasons they took place, thereby reducing the amount of mysteriousness. And all of these deaths as it turns out, had perfectly reasonable explanations.

We already had a good idea of what happened to Linda Collins Smith: she was apparently shot dead by a former staffer, who was taken into custody less than two weeks after the shooting and charged with “capital murder, abuse of a corpse and hindering physical evidence.” None of the Clinton connections were ever proven to exist, and the case appears to be something much closer to a friendship gone sour than a deep state hit.

Jonathan Nichols’ death via gunshot was supposed to be the next in the Clintons tying up loose ends, even though nobody actually bothered to explain how he was connected to them. In the end, his death was investigated by police in Norman, OK, and closed as a suicide.

So either local police in deep red states are also part of the Clinton Conspiracy, or these killings are what we’ve been told they are.

The same is true of the NYPD suicides. The cluster of four deaths seems to have abated, thankfully. And in the weeks since the last suicide was found, no connections have been found to the Clintons, nor any reason why the untimely deaths of four NYPD figures with different jobs in different boroughs would have anything to do with each other.

Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham’s cause of death still hasn’t been announced, which is a little odd for a death that took place over a month ago. But that doesn’t mean it’s anything nefarious – and there’s been no announced investigation or police activity around it.

And William Dannemeyer? They didn’t even bother with conspiracy theories for his death, given that he was 89 and had been suffering from dementia for years. Presumably if the Clintons were going to knock him off, they would have done it at least a few years earlier. Seriously, if the Clintons habitually kill their enemies, what possible excuse is there for him being allowed to live?

The point of all this is that mysterious deaths make for splashy headlines and alluring tweets – especially when a few deaths take place close together and could plausibly be linked. But when those links aren’t found, the conspiracy theorists who tried linking them move on to the next thing and hope you’ll forget about them being wrong.

Don’t forget that they’re wrong. Don’t let them off the hook. Don’t be satisfied with hokey explanations that they’re “just asking questions” or “not saying they’re related, and not saying they’re not.”

Remember that behind all these deaths are loved ones left behind, many seeking answers to what happened to the person they cared about. Once the conspiracy circus has left town, the pain remains.


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5 thoughts on “Hey, What Happened to All Those People Hillary Killed?

  1. Snopes-dot-Com commented on that list years ago, it’s just like the list of ‘doctors killed by the pharmaceutical industry’ the alt-medders have cooked up. Take a list of names, mix in a lot of innuendo and false assertations, cook until half-baked and publish to the internet garnished with lots of emotive language. Then sit back and enjoy the attention.

  2. I don’t know the answer to your question Mike. Besides I think it’s kind of irrelevant. But please do feel free to pretend it’s a big deal in order to make your case of “…conspiracy theory…”

    Mike, just wondering, you know, you spend your entire blog typing up rebuttals and linking events in order to prove certain things are merely conspiracy theories…which then allows you to unload ridicule, disgust, contempt and even call for the censoring of those pushing the so called theories…

    But did you know these are the exact same tactics used by the CIA? It’s all covered in Lance de Haven Smith’s excellent book “Conspiracy Theory in America”. You really must read it. You see a FOI request on an entirely unrelated subject turned up a memo (clearly overlooked by the Department providing the FOI documents). The memo was an official CIA memo sent to all stations and outlined a series of actions to prepare for in advance of the release of the Warren Commission Report into the JFK assassination.

    In the memo the CIA outlines how local outposts should deal with articles, authors or outspoken people who bring attention to the report in a negative way. It reccommends labelling the dissenters as “conspiracy theorests” and to vigorously attack their credentials while directing other responses to ridicule and smear the dissenters. Remembering of course that the Warren report contained the ridiculous “magic bullet” that makes u turns in mid flight and wounds the Governor before killing JFK.

    The conspiracy theory smear worked very well and has been used effectively ever since up until about 2016. deHaven Smith points out that it’s based on fundamental flaw which is that Government’s do not lie or commit crimes and conspiracies in order to advance agendas kept secret from the public. This of course has been proven untrue many times, Iran Contra being a single example.

    So Mike, when you going to drop the CIA psyop tactics and cease your thinly researched, smear operation? It’s clear all your “conspiracy theory” bullets fly in the direction of events, people or issues that pose a danger to the old established order. Is that a coincidence? Or are you just another shill playing the tired old “conspiracy theory” playbook to protect your rigged buddies or benefactors guilty of rigged, criminal and corrupt actions while in positions of high power in the old established order?

    Even you know that huge numbers of people can’t be fooled by the lies and misinformation any more. The old paradigm is gone and it isn’t coming back. Attempts to pretend the old deceptions will somehow successfully cast a spell on the public now are simply delusional.

    In fact Mike you have become the very thing you accuse others of…a weirdo, whackjob conspiracy theorist, making up stuff to attribute malfeasance on the part of innocent parties and truthtellers. The fact is Mike you are the tinfoil hat wearer now, how does that feel?

    I’m sure the Epstein truths will be punching some gaping holes in your narratives rather soon. Enjoy!

  3. What he said. An honest, look it up if you don’t know what it means, assessment of Qanon returns very eye opening information. Since you like to pop our bubbles I Concur with Che Babaluaye and expect your fine honed skills to leave us conspiracists filleted as the Epstein truths, look it up if you don’t know what it means, is revealed.

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