Rothschild Central Banks

Writing about conspiracy theories and having the last name Rothschild is an interesting experience. Believers immediately disregard everything I say, usually with a snarky comment that “of course a Rothschild would say that!”

For the record, I have no relation to the European banking scions of the 18th Century. Even so, I feel compelled to debunk conspiracy theories about them, not only because they share my last name, but but because said conspiracy theories are virulent, anti-Semitic, and somehow get generations of people believing them.

A pernicious version of one of these has popped back up in conspiracy circles due to the events of the week, and it’s a claim that, despite having no evidence and not making any factual sense, is impossible to kill: that North Korea is one of a shifting number of countries without a “Rothschild-owned central bank.”

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