Weekend at RBG’s

Right before Christmas, news broke that Supreme Court Justice and liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent surgery to remove part of her lung, due to the discovery of cancer. Ginsburg’s surgery went well, and while her recovery is proceeding smoothly, she’s remaining at her home to work while the Supreme Court hears its first arguments of 2019.

Of course, if you’re woke and following QAnon, you know that’s all bullshit. You see, RBG is already dead (likely via execution), and her death is being kept on ice to be used as a distraction by the deep state whenever Q and Trump decide to make their next big move.

Oh, you didn’t know that? Of course you wouldn’t, because you’re watching the mainstream media, which only “reports” on things that “actually happened,” and not the things that Q tells us happened – which are the only things that happened.

Obviously, I’m being glib about all this. But this is the newest strain of conspiracy nonsense from the Q faithful, who seem to be moving past the idea of anything actually happening that would confirm their theory.

Instead, the deep state and the Q team are making an endless series of moves and countermoves against each other, all playing out both secretly and in public, with the evidence being both non-existent and all around us.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, like John McCain before her, is something of an obsession for Q. He posted all the way back in April of a supposed (never-proven) plot to replace her on the Supreme Court with Loretta Lynch, which Bill Clinton accidentally revealed during their tarmac meeting in Phoenix.


More recently, RBG’s recent surgery sparked a blizzard of new posts from Q, who had been silent for almost two weeks, alleging a secret plot to “currently” [sic] treat her with “off-market drugs” to manage her health. In reality, she’s either completely lost to dementia or comatose, being kept alive only to prevent Donald Trump from appointing her replacement, with her missing her first oral arguments in 25 years.

There are certainly arguments to be made that Ginsburg should have retired a few years ago. But that’s a far cry from “she’s being kept alive by secret drugs” to spite Trump. The first is an opinion, the second is a conspiracy theory.

Of course, the Q faithful took the thin gruel that Q doled out and immediately decided that not only is RBG being “currently” treated with “off-market drugs,” she’s actually dead.

Why would the deep state pretend that a Supreme Court justice was alive, when she’s actually not? Why, to do the same thing they did with George HW Bush – reveal the death (really, his execution for treason) at an opportune time and throw Trump off track. Bush’s untimely death led to a funeral scheduled for the same day US Attorney John Huber was set to testify against the Clinton Foundation.

And who scheduled that funeral?

None other than Donald Trump himself.

Wait, what? Why would Trump schedule something that impedes his own fight against the deep state? And why would the Q team executing someone for treason be hidden by the deep state? How does that even work? And if it’s the deep state executing its own leaders, can’t it think of a better way to throw out distractions than by burning through its top people? My head hurts.

Like any QAnon theory, it falls apart the moment you start asking even the most basic of questions about it. QAnon works by deciding on a conclusion and working backwards to cherry-pick “evidence” that the conclusion is true. Real science works by making a hypothesis and carrying out tests to prove whether it’s true or not.

But RBG being dead and kept in a big ice trunk, or kept alive thanks to secret drugs, are not testable claims. And so they rely on evidence that’s not really evidence of anything, only events you want to be true.

It’s the most sensible thing in the world that a person might work from home a few weeks after having surgery. It’s even more sensible when dealing with a person of Ginsburg’s age. There’s no evidence she’s being kept alive by drugs, nor any credible claim of what these drugs are. And she’s not even being hidden from the public, as many Q-sters allege: she appeared and gave an interview at an event in New York on December 15th.

Beyond that, there was nothing anywhere approaching suspicious about George HW Bush’s death, passing away at age 94 after years of poor health. Nor was John McCain’s death unusual – he died of an aggressive cancer after a lengthy battle.

This is how conspiracy theories in general and QAnon in particular work: take things that are easily explainable and try to figure out what “really” happened using convoluted strings of gibberish, coincidences, and flights of fancy.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg might indeed not be long for this world. But if she does pass away, it won’t be to the machinations of the deep state, an ad-hoc military tribunal, or the lack of secret life-sustaining drugs. It will be the same reaper stalking us all, that will eventually catch up to us if fate or chance don’t interfere first.

We’ve all got a limited time here. Let’s stop wasting it with ludicrous conspiracy theories.


10 thoughts on “Weekend at RBG’s

  1. Your logic contradicts itself. There’s not a shred of proof? Yes there is. Make her make public appearances/comments OUTSIDE with doctors and psychologists making statements WEEKLY. Also, give undeniable PROOF that SHE is the one providing her votes AFTER ALSO reading ALL transcripts.

    Otherwise, NO ONE KNOWS and there’s ample reason to be Constitutionally concerned. It’s not like she’s a secretary in her 20’s on sick leave.

    1. How does one *make* a person make public appearances? Why do you have a right to her protected health information? And what proof could be provided that you wouldn’t dismiss as fake?

      1. The Federal Government Government could compel it as a Constitutional issues, given the givens, as a temporary measure (i.e. halting her voting capacity until continual compliance and return to active service). Our own lying eyes and ears on live national TV channelS can make up our own mind, instead of MSM memes – who of course would NEVER lie to us, especially about THIS. To paraphrase the Left, if there’s nothing to hide, the Left has nothing to fear. I’m kinda surprised I need explain these simple things to you.

  2. In terms of a right to her medical health information, there need not be details. This is a question of Constitutional significance. Again, if nothing to hide, why not dispel the rumors (which are completely natural AND appropriate for a person of such importance) to our Federal Government.

    P.S. If you still disagree, why not have the entire Federal Government’s 3 branches phone it in. I’m sure NO ONE would question THAT.

  3. Hi Mike,
    Just wanted to check your blog site out… I’m on voat quite often and see that you hang out there as well.
    Do you not believe in aggressive politics? Do you truly believe that there are no bad politicians? Or, maybe you just don’t believe people can be bad?
    Being woke isn’t just jumping onto Q forums and and getting swallowed by the endless rabbit hole. It’s about paying attention to your government, understanding that politicians are not on our side.
    I’m curious, you take so much of your energy to “debunk” Q… try something different. Prove Q is legit.
    When I research something, I research the opposite of my theory… Prove myself incorrect. Many things about this movement cannot be denied, there are many things that are happening throughout the world that cannot be over looked.
    Research, keep yourself in the know… but blogging anti q posts by taking things out of context…or just finding the most bizarre comments and writing about them is not true journalism… but I guess is blogging.
    Keep your readers wanting more. Actually research instead of staying on the surface making fun of a movement that only wants true freedom for all.

    1. I can’t prove Q is legit, because it’s not. Nor is it my job to prove it’s legit. It’s incumbent on Q believers to do so, and none have. And I’m not “making fun of it.” I’m spotlighting it for people who don’t know anything about, so it’s not a shock when a Q believer does something truly violent.

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