Brett Kavanaugh and Military Tribunals

The far right has staked almost everything on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In putting a person who possibly committed sexual assault as a teen, and definitely both lied constantly and had a rage-filled meltdown during his hearings, conservatives are basically saying that demeanor, bias, and character don’t matter when it comes to SCOTUS – only winning does.

But to believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory, Kavanaugh’s all-but-certain confirmation to the Supreme Court means something else entirely: the beginning of the end of the cabal that controls the world.

Despite being wrong about almost everything he’s predicted, Q has used his recent drops to lay out a fascist fantasy of what Brett Kavanaugh’s joining the Supreme Court will mean.

First will come the test of the Presidential Wireless Alert System, which will be used to inform the public of the mass arrests of enemies of the state.

Next comes Kavanaugh’s confirmation, by a vote of 53-47, no less.

Then comes “DECLAS,” the unveiling of scores of classified FISA documents proving the existence of a deep state conspiracy to destroy the Trump candidacy.

Then comes Rod Rosenstein’s ouster, with the Mueller investigation being rolled up.

And finally, SCOTUS votes 5-4 to make military tribunals for civilians legal. Then arrests. Executions. PAIN.

QAnon believers and crazy far right blogs are frothing over the possibility that Kavanaugh will be the final piece needed for the destruction of the deep state. Much of this is based on a series of questions and answers between Kavanaugh and Trump golfing buddy Lindsey Graham, who asked the judge about his feelings about the differences between military law and civil law, and how they apply to the War on Terror.

Despite the conversation clearly being about Americans who have collaborated with terror groups, QAnon jumped all over it, with a post that insinuates something to do with Hillary Clinton panicking.

qanon kav

QAnon’s flock took the entire exchange as a “coded” conversation about the legality of military tribunals for civilians – an act currently deemed unconstitutional thanks to the Ex Parte Milligan decision during the Civil War. And they were off and running with a conspiracy theory that Kavanaugh’s confirmation will lead to mass arrests and trials of the cabal.

Here’s one blog’s breathless analysis of what’s to come:

These monsters fear Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court and will stop at nothing to prevent it…they are terrified because they know its game over; they know President Trump will immediately declass FISA, the indictments will begin to be unsealed, and the arrests will begin these monsters will not be able stall the criminal judicial system and bribe and buy their way out of criminal convictions; they will face justice via the military courts and quick sentencing…some will get life in prison, and some will get a swift execution for their treason.

Another post, from someone who claims to have a Ph.D, posits that the sexual assault claims of Christine Blasey Ford were a desperate last throw by the deep state to prevent the carnage that Kavanaugh will introduce, writing:

Hypothesis: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is a trauma victim who underwent some sort of hypnotic suggestion, at the behest of Barack Obama’s CIA, to create the false memory that Brett Kavanaugh was her attacker.

She follows by deciphering Q posts to retcon her conclusion, which, as everyone knows, is exactly how science is done: reach a conclusion, then selectively use research to justify the conclusion you already reached.

On and on it goes, on conservative clogosphere sites and social media. Even Q kept the narrative going, with a post on Friday morning wanting to know if his followers were ready for “arrests” and “pain.”

As of right now, Kavanaugh hasn’t been confirmed yet, but he’ll almost certainly get there.

Does that mean we’re due for what Q has foretold – mass arrests and legal military tribunals?

It’s not likely. For one thing, the exchange between Kavanaugh and Graham was about legitimate questions regarding how we treat Americans taken as prisoners of war. It has nothing to do with famous people being arrests for being pedophiles and hanged on site.

For another, the Supreme Court doesn’t simply vote on stuff it wants to happen. Q is counting on his followers not understanding how American law works. Cases that go to the Supreme Court are those that have worked their way up from lower courts.

Unless a case is argued somewhere that determines whether American civilians can be tried by military courts despite not being enemy combatants, Kavanaugh will never have the opportunity to vote on such a thing.

Finally, as I’ve pointed out many times, such concepts of extrajudicial execution after an arrest and trial without due process are fundamentally un-American concepts. Brett Kavanaugh is totally unqualified to be on the Supreme Court, but that’s because of his demeanor, his views on executive power, and his past actions. He’s a lot of things, but he hasn’t shown any indication of being the swing vote on turning America into a military junta.

All of this seems destined to be yet another blown Q prediction. It’s already clear that the great FISA “declas” Q promised isn’t going to happen. And despite the histrionics of a few weeks ago, Rod Rosenstein seems relatively secure in his position as Deputy AG. Or at least he does until the midterms.

Brett Kavanaugh will be a terrible SCOTUS justice likely to roll back freedoms for everyone who doesn’t look and think like him.

But even he won’t be the swing vote on the American carnage QAnon promises.